Sidus Gates Partners with “Zeus” To Drive GameFi Adoption Within its Metaverse

Sidus Gates Partners with “Zeus” To Drive GameFi Adoption Within its Metaverse

Influencers play an important role in driving adoption within the cryptosphere. The Ukrainian Counter-Strike pro athlete Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko is the latest sports personality to support a metaverse ecosystem. The professional player is partnering with SIDUS GATES, the GameFi publisher, to promote the gaming metaverse platform. 

Ambassador and Spokesman for SIDUS GATES

According to a recent press release, Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko signed a 10-year deal for the release of exclusive esports-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The official engagement of the Counter-Strike player as a partner to the metaverse makes him a top ambassador for the platform. The partnership also makes him a spokesperson for the SIDUS metaverse project and an influencer whose role is to drive mass adoption of NFTs issued within the metaverse.  

The Counter-Strike pro player announced that he made the decision to join SIDUS GATES after having studied the technology behind the crypto industry. Teslenko said that he intends to use his vast experience to popularize products of the metaverse. Speaking on the partnership, Teslenko stated:

“I studied many areas, including crypto technologies and NFT,” he said. “I met the SIDUS METAVERSE founder and I was inspired by what they’re doing, so I decided to join the team. I plan to use my vast experience in esports to help popularize new products, fit them to cybersports standards and attract a global audience.”

Unique Skinned Cyborgs as Limited Edition NFTs

A release by SIDUS GATES said that the company plans to release a limited edition of its NFTs, which would represent unique skinned cyborgs for users of the SIDUS metaverse. Continuing in his plan for the metaverse, Teslenko said:

“We plan to release a limited-edition NFT collection. It will be represented by a new race: cyborgs with unique skins and value for all SIDUS users. Holders can receive a unique resource demanded by all SIDUS METAVERSE users.”

The SIDUS GATES metaverse team expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, reposing confidence in the players’ abilities to drive remarkable adoption for the SIDUS GATES metaverse. To mark the occasion, they announced a $100,000 giveaway. Participants are guaranteed $100 worth of in-game rewards.

Meanwhile, owners of the limited edition of the SIDUS GATES gain in-demand resources for the company’s gaming platform.

SIDUS GATES is a gaming metaverse publisher that specializes in onboarding services for gaming studios. Future games of the ecosystem would use a unified native token. Currently, there are several games scheduled for launch within the metaverse.

More Partnerships Planned with Talented Athletes

The SIDUS GATES team said that with the imminent onboarding of several new games within the platform’s ecosystem. Athletes like ‘Zeus’ are at liberty to create products capable of competing with the big players in the industry. 

The co-founder and CEO of  SIDUS GATES, Roman Povolotski, said that the company is working towards more partnerships with talented athletes. According to him:

We’re already tightly negotiating with multiple stellar esports athletes and plan to involve them in developing new products. I can’t tell you names but they are pretty impressive.

Povolotski said that the company is poised to add high-profile gaming products to its collections in the coming weeks.

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