Shiba Inu devs give the crypto community a glimpse of the incoming SHIB metaverse

Shiba Inu devs give the crypto community a glimpse of the incoming SHIB metaverse

Shytoshi Kusama has given the crypto community a glimpse of what the SHIB metaverse will look like post-launch, unveiling an image that could be used in the ecosystem’s entry into the best movie poster competition this year.

Shiba Inu makes strides toward its metaverse project

Shiba Inu devs led by Shytoshi Kusama have unveiled an image the ecosystem will use to enter the best movie poster competition in Austin, Texas. Official reports from Kusama indicate that the image is a teaser or glimpse of what Shiba Inu developers plan in the ongoing metaverse development.

Shib’s leading developer, Kusama, indicated “This poster for Shib: The Metaverse competes for SXSW23 for best movie poster” is a snapshot of what it looks like inside the virtual world. Kusama shared the image through a tweet on March 10.

Shib Army reacts to the SHIB metaverse

The Shib Army is among the most active crypto communities on the internet. As expected, the army reacted promptly after Kusama revealed the image. A user named @DokeERC posted a photo indicating SHIB was not just a meme coin, as many crypto enthusiasts term it.

Another user by the username @latinizzy32 congratulated the Shib devs working on the project. The user stated that the team was doing “amazing work,” citing Shib’s utility compared to other meme coins driven by hype.

On March 6, reports surfaced that Shiba Inu ranked highest behind stablecoins as the leading digital token among the top 500 Ethereum whales. According to WhaleStats, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has the biggest token position by dollar value among whales.

Despite being popular among whales, SHIB’s price has been down significantly from its all-time highs due to the macroeconomic factors that have whipped trillions of dollars from the crypto market since the bear market began. However, Shiba Inu hasn’t stopped taking steps to improve its status. The ecosystem unveiled a new collection of digital treasure NFTs in an alliance with Bugatti.

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