Seven Bank offers exclusive NFTs to donors supporting environmental causes

Seven Bank offers exclusive NFTs to donors supporting environmental causes

Seven Bank, a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings, has initiated an innovative campaign. Partnering with Sushi Top Marketing, a prominent web3 marketing solutions firm, the bank is issuing Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) on the Astar Network to those who donate to its Memorial Foundation for environmental causes.

Seven Bank’s environmental campaign

Seven Bank, a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings, has initiated an idnnovative campaign with Sushi Top Marketing to issue Soulbound Tokens in exchange for donations to envikronmental causes.

Running from July 18th to October 16th, this initiative invites patrons to donate via Seven Bank’s network of 26,000 ATMs. In return, they are eligible to claim a free, exclusive Soulbound Token (SBT) (an NFT that can’t be transferred).

The bank intends these tokens to serve as lasting mementos of donors’ contributions to environmental causes.

How to claim your Soulbound Token?

Claiming these tokens is a hassle-free process. After donating, users need to scan a QR code on the confirmation slip and set up a browser wallet offered by Sushi Top Marketing.

This user-friendly approach allows donors to engage with cutting-edge blockchain technology and take ownership of their contributions in a new and exciting way.

Designs created by notable digital artist

The SBTs are part of a collection named “Connecting the World,” brought to life by acclaimed contemporary artist Nozomu Kubota. A notable figure in the NFT art world, Kubota has showcased his work at distinguished venues such as the NFT Naruto Art Museum and Haneda Innovation City. His commitment to environmental activism and his recognition from the Prime Minister further endorse the credibility of this campaign.

Kubota’s inspiration for this collection derives from his involvement in one of Seven Bank’s Memorial Foundation’s environmental activities. His artwork reflects his experience collecting trash around Biwa lake, highlighting the incongruity between the casual use of packaged items and the severe environmental impact of careless disposal. This underlying theme positions the NFTs as poignant symbols of environmental consciousness.

Sushi Top Marketing

Sushi Top Marketing, a Tokyo-based company founded in 2021, specializes in NFT distribution services and token graph marketing solutions. Its collaboration with Seven Bank on this campaign underscores its innovative approach to leveraging blockchain technology for meaningful causes.

Seven Bank

Seven Bank continues to uphold its mission of offering close, convenient, reliable, and safe financial services. Its extensive network of ATMs serves a wide range of customers and caters to diverse needs. From individual account services to corporate solutions, the bank leverages its expertise in digital transformation (DX) and ATM operations.

This campaign is the latest testament to Seven Bank’s commitment to integrating technology and environmental stewardship. As it continues to expand its services in the United States, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the bank sets a promising precedent for blending financial services with progressive environmental initiatives.

To learn more about the SBTs and how to donate to help the environment, visit Seven Bank’s official website.

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