Sega partners with Line Next in new Web3 gaming project

Sega partners with Line Next in new Web3 gaming project

Sega, the company known for the Sonic The Hedgehog franchises, has signed a licensing deal with Line Next for the production of a new web3 game. This comes as a surprising move considering Sega’s recent distancing from blockchain-based gaming. Last week, Sega executive Shuji Utsumi publicly called play-to-earn titles “boring”, challenging the validity of the new gaming model.

Scarce details

The details about the specific IP that Sega is licensing remain unclear, with only a tweet from Line Next to satisfy gamers’ curiosity.

Beyond the partnership announcement, Line Next expressed enthusiasm about bringing new Web3 gaming experiences.

“Line Next is pleased to be teaming up with Sega to bring some exciting gaming to the Web3 space for gamers around the world,” – Youngsu Ko, CEO of Line Next.

South Korean firm Line Next operates under Line, a messaging service akin to WhatsApp. The firm launched its web3 gaming platform Game Dosi in May, with a focus on user- and game-centered services.

Operating under Line Next is Game Dosi, a web3 gaming platform operated poised to provide Web3 content that Sega fans and newcomers alike can easily enjoy.

Surprising announcement

The partnership announcement follows remarks from Sega co-chief operating officer Shuji Utsumi. In a stark critique, Utsumi questioned the value of play-to-earn titles. “What’s the point if games are no fun?” he asked, expressing doubts about the future of blockchain technology in gaming.

Sega also stated it would be more cautious about which franchises it allows to be associated with blockchain gaming, primarily due to concerns about the potential devaluation of its intellectual property. Taking that into account, it’s highly likely we should see one of Sega’s least popular franchises being leveraged through this new partnership with Line Next.

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