Sega executive praises upcoming NFT trading card game

Sega executive praises upcoming NFT trading card game

The Co-COO of Sega, Shuji Utsumi, expressed optimism about the company’s new blockchain gaming title, the “Battle of Three Kingdoms”, even though he previously described play-to-earn games as boring.

New Sega web3 game

This announcement stems from Sega’s partnership with blockchain firm Double Jump.Tokyo. The collaboration will see the development of an NFT trading card game, named “Battle of Three Kingdoms”, which draws inspiration from the original Sangokushi Taisen game, launched in 2005.

Focused on Asia’s gaming community, “Battle of Three Kingdoms” will debut with over 100 unique cards. Furthermore, gamers can anticipate consistent game patches and updates post-launch.

Aiming to rejuvenate the Sangokushi Taisen game’s intellectual property, Sega has granted the licensing rights with specific protection clauses.

Sega’s commitment to this project is underscored by its decision to let the original Sangokushi Taisen game’s producer supervise the new game’s development. The gaming titan will also contribute game assets to this collaborative venture.

Not afraid to experiment

In a recent interview, Utsumi stated that the gaming industry’s shift towards NFTs is a “transitional phase”:

“Blockchain gaming is a domain we’re yet to fully grasp (…) Owning assets and, occasionally, earning money in blockchain games may introduce desires in players that we haven’t seen before,”

Utsumi envisions this partnership as a learning curve for Sega in the blockchain gaming arena, describing it as mutually beneficial.

NFT gaming challenges

While excited about the potential of NFTs in gaming, Utsumi acknowledges existing challenges. The use of crypto wallets, which store assets like NFTs, presents a learning curve for users, especially when interfacing with websites for transactions. He acknowledged, “Introducing players to the game before having them navigate the complexity of wallets is a priority.”

Yet, despite the hurdles, Utsumi remains sanguine. “I’m eager to see NFTs recreate the tangible sensation of card ownership,” he concluded.

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