NFT influencer Seedphrase signs new deal with talent agency WME

NFT influencer Seedphrase signs new deal with talent agency WME

The charismatic DJ known as Seedphrase, born Daniel Maegaard, is taking the crypto community by storm. Seedphrase has announced his signing with talent agency WME, further cementing his position in the industry and his commitment to releasing original music.

Seeds of CryptoPunk: An identity in pixel

Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of Seedphrase is his ownership of CryptoPunk #8348, fondly referred to as the “Mona Lisa of NFTs”. This unique piece from the 10,000-strong CryptoPunks collection is the only one boasting seven unique attributes, outshining the rest, which range between zero to six visual traits.

Seedphrase’s musical performances are a spectacle where the digital blends with reality. His appearance, adorned with a helmet emulating his pixel CryptoPunk avatar, creates an immersive and enchanting experience. This audacious approach has earned him the opportunity to perform alongside music bigwigs like Steve Aoki and Diplo.

Riding the waves of the NFT revolution

The rare CryptoPunk, acting as an emblem of Seedphrase’s distinctive identity, has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of his brand. The profound impact of CryptoPunks in the NFT realm underscores the significance of this affiliation. 

Birthed by Larva Labs and deployed on Ethereum’s blockchain in 2017, CryptoPunks has churned out a staggering trading volume nearing $2.2 billion. The project has been at the center of countless high-value sales, reaching seven figures and underlining its monumental worth in the digital asset universe.

Seedphrase is amongst the growing number of musicians who are leveraging their NFT profile picture characters to create a unique identity within the burgeoning crypto community.

A new chapter with WME and the future

Joining hands with the talent agency, WME presents an opportunity for Seedphrase to expand his brand, creating ripples in the domains of luxury fashion, music, and fine art. He hopes to deepen connections across multiple industries and within his growing community.

His upcoming ventures include releasing his original music and a merchandise collection. Furthermore, he has plans to launch a new community project, reflecting his desire to serve as a beacon for the emerging tech space.

Seedphrase’s endeavors echo the rising trend in the music industry, where prominent artists like Timbaland, Steve Aoki, and Justin “3LAU” Blau are exploring the NFT space in innovative ways.

Seedphrase’s signing with WME marks a career milestone

Seedphrase, the trendsetter, is reshaping the industry with his unique blend of music, high fashion, and digital art. As he expands his horizons with WME and delves deeper into his community-building initiatives, he’s setting the stage for an exciting new era where technology and artistry come together in harmony.

In the words of Maegaard himself, the Seedphrase brand is a “gateway, a key to what you hold dear,” embodying the sacred mentality of the emerging tech space. As such, Seedphrase represents the future, a “guiding light in the community”, illuminating the path forward for many more to follow.

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