Scammers take over official government websites to promote fake Metamask pages

Scammers take over official government websites to promote fake Metamask pages

MetaMask, the most popular Web3 wallet, has once again fallen prey to cyber scammers. Official government websites from seven countries, including India, Nigeria, and Brazil, have been hijacked to redirect visitors to counterfeit MetaMask pages. These fraudulent moves are part of an alarming new scamming technique that capitalizes on the trustworthiness of government domains.

Several government websites have been redirecting visitors to deceptive MetaMask landing pages. The perpetrators’ goal is clear: trick users into granting access to their MetaMask wallets in order to steal non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other crypto assets.

For the unaware, these schemes operate deceptively simple. A user unknowingly clicks on a malicious link embedded within the compromised government website. Instead of leading them to the authentic “”, they’re ushered into a phishing website that will look exactly the same but with a different address.

Windows users will be given a warning

A ray of hope for potential victims emerges with Microsoft Defender, Microsoft’s built-in security mechanism. Upon landing on these fake pages, Microsoft Defender promptly issues a phishing warning, cautioning users of potential fraud. Unfortunately, not everyone heeds the red flag given by the antivirus software.

Check the URL before linking your wallet

Victims will be caught immediately after linking their wallets to the imitation website. A simple tip to avoid these cyber thieves is to check the website address. If it’s distinct from “”, it should be avoided at all costs.

Additionally, gaining knowledge of the best cyber security practices is crucial to avoid falling prey to the long list of scams prevalent in the crypto sphere. Also, remember to use your good senses and keep your greed in check, especially when presented with opportunities that seem “too good to be true”.

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