Sandbox ready to debut Gordon Ramsay’s 2,333 NFT pieces

Sandbox ready to debut Gordon Ramsay’s 2,333 NFT pieces

In a recent statement, Sandbox said it would launch a new NFT Collection inspired by Master Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Sandbox to unveil a Gordon Ramsay-inspired NFT collection

Gamer avatars modeled on famed chef Gordon Ramsay will be available in 2,333 variations on Sandbox’s metaverse platform for virtual identities.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the select few chefs in the world who is a recipient of the prestigious Michelin star. His involvement in several cooking competition series on television, including Hell’s Kitchen, has earned him widespread recognition.

The Sandbox recently revealed its intention to make several Ramsay avatars available in NFT format. This limited edition collection is believed to be made formally available for purchase on March 14. Users can leverage one of the Ramsay avatars to explore and play games on the blockchain-enabled metaverse platform.

The Sandbox is here to stay

The metaverse giant announced before the end of last year that it would be collaborating with ITV Studios to create a metaverse experience based on Gordon Ramsay’s program “Hell’s Kitchen.”

In general, it has been difficult for Web3 and other metaverse gaming platforms to gain traction and attract a sizable user base. The Sandbox has successfully lured important commercial partners and even a few celebrities to join the metaverse.

In an effort to encourage people to join the metaverse, Sandbox has also partnered with important businesses, including HSBC, Warner Music, PlayBoy, Gucci, and Ubisoft, among others. The monthly active user count for Sandbox is over 200,000.

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