Samsung partners with Ledger and Amazon for its Europe NFT launch

Samsung partners with Ledger and Amazon for its Europe NFT launch

Samsung, Ledger, and Amazon have made a partnership eyeing a Europe NFT launch to promote a free drop as an incentive to push this month’s Samsung Galaxy S23 launch.

NFTs to be community tokens for the Samsung Web3 ecosystem

Samsung Germany has collaborated with the hardware wallet company Ledger and Amazon in their first NFT launch in Europe. The first phase of the NFT launch will involve the MX1 genesis edition, while the second phase is scheduled for later this month and will feature the MX1 ART collection NFTs.

The Samsung MX1 genesis edition NFTs (First Phase) will serve as the community tokens within the Samsung web3 ecosystem. These NFTs will come in different rarities, including standard, rare, epic, and ultra. According to the company, the digital assets’ rarities will be directly proportional to the extent of their real-life utility offered in the company’s web3 journey within the ecosystem.

The first phase will allow minting from Feb 1. However, a raffle will be held on Feb 14 to determine the lucky holders of the MX1 genesis edition NFTs. In this phase, interested parties will mint Samsung MX1 ART Collection NFTs. 

Phase two will then feature an international minting window for MX1GE and MX1AC NFTs. The minting window of the second phase will begin from Feb 17 to Feb 25. This phase will feature many big names within the NFT artist space. One of the featured artists is the young and prolific Jaiden Stipp, aka Jasti.

The 16-year-old artist has been a sensation in the NFT space. Stipp secured 20 ETH on selling his first NFT back in early 2021. Since then, he has gone ahead to build a name for himself. Samsung has promised to fully compensate the artists by providing 100% royalty fees, a bold move taking into account that NFT marketplaces are moving away from artist royalties.

How can you qualify for each of the Samsung NFTs?

Customers will be able to qualify for the Samsung MX1AC free minting access from Feb 1 to Feb 16. On the other hand, the free minting access window for MX1GE ended on Feb 1. However, one can still buy your MX1GE NFT on OpenSea.

One of the easiest ways to acquire the Samsung community NFTs is by buying the new Samsung Galaxy S23 online through the Amazon e-platform. Additionally, you can buy the Samsung x Ledger web3 Starter Bundle and stand the chance of getting a free drop. 

The web3 starter bundle is a combination of three products. In the starter bundle, customers will find a Samsung Galaxy S23, a €100 Amazon voucher, and a Ledger nano x hardware wallet that can store non-fungible tokens.  All Ledger genesis market pass owners will also stand a chance to receive a free code to get on the phase two allowlist. Other codes will be issued through the NFT artists and other partner projects.

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