OneRare Foodverse releases new Salad Days NFT collection

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OneRare Foodverse releases new Salad Days NFT collection

OneRare gaming ecosystem has partnered with India’s premier health food brand, Salad Days. Born out of the collaboration is a new non-fungible token (NFT) collection aimed at promoting a sustainable and healthy diet.

Digital gastronomy

Merging the world of digital collectibles with their passion for nutritious fare, Salad Days launched an exclusive range of NFTs of their best-selling meals within OneRare’s Foodverse. The collection was made available on the 16th of September, enabling those who order a meal from Salad Days to have the chance to win a free Ingredient NFT.

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Salad Days is a brand celebrated for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and organic food. The brand’s ethos extends beyond just offering healthy food; it delves into reimagining salads as hearty meals.

OneRare and the growing NFT food market

Promising a rich, immersive experience for global gastronomes, this move signifies a noteworthy expansion for Salad Days and the growing NFT food market. Fans can own limited-edition NFTs, each illustrating a scrumptious salad. As these NFTs circulate within OneRare’s platform, Salad Days is introduced to a broad spectrum of gamers and collectors worldwide.

The integration with OneRare’s gaming ecosystem amplifies the brand experience, enabling customers to trade their digital assets. Varun Madan, the CEO of Salad Days, expressed his enthusiasm:

“We are thrilled to join hands with OneRare. Our dishes, adored by health enthusiasts in Delhi-NCR and Bangalore, will now enter the digital world. This partnership is a celebration of gastronomy and technology, captivating players globally.”

Supreet Raju, Co-founder of OneRare, mirrored the sentiment:

“We’re ecstatic to partner with Salad Days. Together, we are forging new paths in digital collectibles, allowing food lovers to embark on a unique virtual culinary journey.”

A Glimpse into Salad Days

Founded in 2014 by Varun Madan, Salad Days stands as a beacon in the healthy food domain. Their mission is to change India’s food landscape, making nutritious meals a staple.

Operating via ten cloud kitchens and a central kitchen, the food company ensures top-tier quality and hygiene. Their commitment shines through their 3-acre organic farm, producing pristine ingredients for their menu. The brand’s vision is clear: dominate the healthy food sector by tapping into emerging markets and leveraging its loyal consumer base.

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