SAGE Labs: Star Atlas’ early access odyssey on Solana

SAGE Labs: Star Atlas’ early access odyssey on Solana

Star Atlas, a notable name in the expanding universe of blockchain gaming, has just introduced its latest offering, SAGE Labs. This 2D browser-based game is a strategic endeavor to simplify and present the intricate Star Atlas economy to gamers.

Embarking on an interstellar journey

SAGE Labs is an immersive early access, 2D browser-based experience that plunges players straight into the vast expanse of the Star Atlas universe. Entirely constructed on the Solana blockchain, SAGE Labs offers unparalleled real-time gameplay that orbits around exploring, scanning, extracting, and crafting.

At the heart of SAGE Labs lies an intricate economy. The gameplay acts as a precursor to the Star Atlas universe, introducing players to its economic dynamics. Armed with Star Atlas NFT assets from their digital wallets, players traverse this digital space, seeking out valuable resources in exchange for tangible rewards.

Every in-game action is registered on the Solana blockchain. This means that the game’s scale, performance, and capability mirror that of Solana itself, serving as a testament to the potential of blockchain gaming.

Transactions within the game are facilitated using the $SOL or $ATLAS tokens, providing players with transactional flexibility based on their preference.

Deep space exploration

Within the 2D confines of this browser game, players can assemble fleets, dispatching them into the void of deep space. Their mission is to extract resources that can be crafted into treasured Star Atlas loot. Among the spoils are coveted spaceships, parcels of intergalactic land, and golden tickets.

The golden tickets will then act as a passport to the cosmos’ riches, and players who successfully craft them earn the right to participate in an upcoming drawing event. At stake is a staggering $1.2 MILLION in guaranteed Star Atlas loot.

SAGE Labs: The Universe awaits

SAGE Labs, as unveiled by Star Atlas, offers an ingenious strategy of correlating the value of in-game NFTs with their utility. This showcases not just a game-centric approach, but an ecosystem-centric one, underlining how blockchain economies can function at their best. As we watch Star Atlas emerge, its trajectory may serve as a guiding light, illuminating the path for the evolution of blockchain gaming.

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