Merging urban expansion with blockchain tech: RXT-Malaysia’s new NFT bond

Merging urban expansion with blockchain tech: RXT-Malaysia’s new NFT bond

The RXT-Malaysia derivatives initiative is taking a revolutionary leap by interlacing urban expansion in Malaysia with the cutting-edge blockchain technology of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

Introducing NFT bonds

Fusing traditional finance with digital innovation, this project stands to shape urban growth in one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant terrains. A unique feature of this venture is the NFT bond underpinned by USDT (Tether). With 70% insurance coverage and meticulous hedging strategies in place, the residual risk is astutely managed.

The endeavor boasts a hefty face value of $500 million and is set to transform Malaysia’s bustling urban spaces and picturesque beachside areas into a thriving Web3 hub. The Malaysian government’s strong endorsement cements this initiative’s importance, illuminating the potential of Real-World Assets (RWAs) and NFT derivatives in addressing modern urbanization challenges.

Rimau Menangis at the forefront

Behind the curtain of this pioneering project is Rimaunangis, a conglomerate that champions sustainable agricultural commodity supply chains. Their primary aim is to enhance global food security.

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The conglomerate is at the forefront of digital transformation in Malaysia, evidenced by its establishment of the nation’s first NFT grounded in traditional business operations.

Stepping into the Metaverse

Additionally, Rimaunangis is confidently stepping into the Metaverse, synthesizing the agricultural sector with the digital domain. Offering an NFT collection paired with an investment program, Rimaunangis promises both stability and enticing potential returns.

This move signifies the company’s innovative approach, emphasizing the synergistic bond between age-old business practices and digital novelties.

The potential behind RXT-Malaysia derivatives

In essence, the RXT-Malaysia derivatives initiative stands as a testament to the seamless melding of traditional finance, blockchain wizardry, and urban growth. It doesn’t merely indicate the changing contours of the digital financial world. Rather, it boldly showcases the adaptability of NFTs and blockchain tech in marrying the virtual with the tangible. In doing so, it charts a path for Malaysia’s ascendancy as a nerve center of Web3 ingenuity.

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