RTFKT & Ledger launch Capsule collection and educational partnership at NFT Paris

RTFKT & Ledger launch Capsule collection and educational partnership at NFT Paris

RTFKT and Ledger have announced an unprecedented partnership that will include a series of educational programs and collaborative drops aimed at making secure self-custody accessible to everyone.

The partnership was revealed during NFT Paris

The groundbreaking announcement was made on-stage at NFT Paris, where RTFKT was named a flagship partner of Ledger. The RTFKT x Ledger collection and educational programming were also unveiled.

During NFT Paris, VP of Metaverse Sébastien Badault presented the details of the partnership between RTFKT and Ledger, which signals the start of their collaboration. With a comprehensive approach that includes “phygital” products, as well as an educational component, the two companies aim to provide an advanced and complete safety solution, setting a benchmark for innovation.

Ensuring the safety and security of its fans is paramount for RTFKT, given the brand’s high caliber of dedicated collectors. By partnering with Ledger, the leading Web3 security provider, RTFKT is pushing the boundaries of luxury and innovation. As RTFKT explains:

“We are intensifying our focus on education to ensure that everyone understands how to secure their critical digital assets safely.”

Focusing on the education of web3 users

At the NFT Paris keynote speech, RTFKT and Ledger stressed the significance of obtaining knowledge before delving into the Web3 arena. They plan to achieve this goal through their collaborative program, which emphasizes education and entertainment.

With Ledger Quest, individuals can earn cryptocurrency while learning about NFTs, making education accessible and engaging. By merging off-chain educational content with on-chain engagement, Ledger successfully gamifies the learning process, promoting education for everyone.

Kicking off their collaboration with a tangible product, RTFKT and Ledger present a unique all-white custom edition of Ledger Nano S Plus and I’m Nano X for collectors, which can be purchased as an NFT and redeemed for the physical item. The duo plans to offer future collaborative drops on the [Ledger] Market, each accompanied by RTFKT Quests to promote widespread education.

RTFKT and Ledger are also offering a limited edition Nano-case accessory to their Genesis holders, which includes a rare silver pendant featuring the RTFKT logo on the end caps and a Nano X. This exclusive drop is only available on [L] Market and has allow lists for Clone X and Genesis Pass Holders.

Despite being rooted in groundbreaking advancements in digital technology, the collaborative effort between RTFKT and Ledger blurs the line between the physical and digital realms. The resulting products showcase the seamless integration of traditional art and emerging technology.

A bright future ahead

As they continue their partnership, RTFKT will bring new and exciting, highly curated niche items to [L] Market, establishing the platform as the go-to destination for high-end and innovative phygital collectibles. With RTFKT’s approach to education and Ledger’s expertise in security, this partnership is set to transform the world of NFTs and Web3 technology.

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