Ronaldo’s NFT Revelations: Soccer superstar takes lie detector test upon the release of his 2nd NFT Collection

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Ronaldo’s NFT Revelations: Soccer superstar takes lie detector test upon the release of his 2nd NFT Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo, the most famous Portuguese athlete, recently underwent a lie detector test, revealing his football-related opinions and hinting at future plans in the burgeoning world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Ronaldo’s truthful tease

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, known for his prowess on the field, recently took a different kind of challenge – a lie detector test. This wasn’t just any ordinary test but one that delved into his association with the world of NFTs. As the football star unveiled his second NFT collection in collaboration with crypto giant Binance, fans were treated to a video of him answering a series of questions while hooked up to the machine.

As the world already knows, anything that mentions Ronaldo is prone to go viral, and so does this lie detector test, proving once again, that this partnership between Ronaldo and Binance is ready to elevate crypto to a more mainstream audience.

Ronaldo’s NFT journey and future plans

The video was conducted in the form of an interview, as Ronaldo had to reply to questions that varied from football-centric questions, such as Portugal’s chances at the World Cup and his own career longevity, as well as his endeavors towards the crypto and NFT world. 

The major interview highlight was when he was quizzed about his involvement with NFTs. Without hesitation, Ronaldo affirmed his ownership of NFTs, a statement that the lie detector corroborated as truthful. The intrigue deepened when he was questioned about future NFT releases, to which he responded positively, again verified by the machine.

Ronaldo’s foray into the NFT realm began in 2022 when he inked a multi-year deal with Binance. This partnership’s primary goal is to bridge the gap between the football community and the Web3 world, using NFT campaigns as the conduit. As per announcements, these NFTs will offer fans unique opportunities to interact with the football maestro.

The broader football-crypto landscape

While Ronaldo’s NFT endeavors have been largely positive, the broader football world has seen its share of crypto-related controversies.

Brazilian football sensation Ronaldinho Gaúcho recently found himself embroiled in a crypto fraud investigation. Reports from late August indicated that Ronaldinho was summoned by Congress to address allegations related to a pyramid scheme purportedly connected to one of his enterprises.

However, on August 31, the football star refuted these claims before an inquiry committee. He vehemently denied any association with the company that promised a daily 2% return on crypto investments. Ronaldinho asserted that the firm had misused his likeness without consent, positioning him as another victim of the alleged scam.

Another worthy mention in this field is the partnership celebrated between OKX and Manchester City, which already brought several collectible moments to the fan base.

The NFT wave continues

As the world of football and crypto continues to intertwine, it’s evident that NFTs are becoming a significant player in this merger. Ronaldo’s revelations and future plans are a testament to the growing influence of NFTs in the sports domain.

However, it’s not just football that’s catching the NFT wave. Tom Brady’s Autograph, an NFT platform co-founded by the NFL superstar, recently secured a whopping $170 million in its Series B funding round, further emphasizing the growing prominence of NFTs in the sports arena.

In this ever-evolving landscape, one thing is clear: the fusion of sports and NFTs is here to stay, and icons like Ronaldo are leading the charge.

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