Roblox incorporates XRP for in-game purchases; NFTs coming next?

Roblox incorporates XRP for in-game purchases; NFTs coming next?

Roblox, one of the most popular games of our time with over 200 million monthly active users, has expanded its payment options by integrating Ripple’s XRP.

XRP on Roblox

It seems Roblox has decided to adopt a crypto friendly approach after having previously banned crypto and NFT ads from its game. According to an announcement made by BitPay on Twitter (X) today, Roblox will now be accepting XRP as a form of payment.

The integration has been made possible with the collaboration between Xsolla and BitPay. Xsolla, the force behind in-game payments on Roblox, now fully supports XRP as a valid payment medium. BitPay has been entrusted with the critical task of ensuring smooth connectivity with cryptocurrency wallets.

A true metaverse

For the uninitiated, Roblox isn’t just another game platform. It is a vast metaverse available on almost all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, it boasts an impressive 65.5 million daily users.

A noteworthy point: 44% of these users are children below the age of 13. It’s not just about the numbers either; the platform witnessed an incredible $773 million being spent by its users on in-game purchases during the initial quarter of 2023 alone.

Xsolla and BitPay

Xsolla has been proactively seeking ways to infuse cryptocurrency into its payment dynamics. Looking back to August 2022, the company formed a partnership with Coinchange Financial and TradeZing. This coalition aimed at carving out a payment solution centered around nonfungible tokens (NFTs). And they didn’t stop there.

In August, Xsolla also teamed up with to mesh the latter’s checkout solution with Xsolla’s Pay Station platform.

The synergy between Xsolla and BitPay isn’t a recent development either. Their collaboration dates back to 2014 when Xsolla opened its doors to Bitcoin payments, courtesy of BitPay. The companies’ continuous efforts to enhance their offerings culminated in September 2023, introducing PayPal USD payments for both merchants and users.

Potential for NFTs

This integration of XRP into Roblox is more than just a payment option. While we may never see Roblox release a collection of in-game items as NFTs, as the team has no financial incentive to change its lucrative business model, the incorporation of XRP reflects a growing acceptance of the traditional gaming industry toward cryptocurrencies.

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