Rumble Kong League and Stance’s NFT HyperSocks meld the worlds of Basketball and Blockchain

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Rumble Kong League and Stance’s NFT HyperSocks meld the worlds of Basketball and Blockchain

Web3 basketball game Rumble Kong League (RKL) joins forces with streetwear apparel brand Stance to introduce a collection of in-game NFT HyperSocks, along with their real-world (IRL) equivalents.

RKL x Stance: A Universal fan experience

The collaboration creates a new dimension where enthusiasts can appreciate, collect, and flaunt items in both the digital and material domains.

Amplified by an endorsement from NBA superstar Paul George, the collaboration blurs the lines between virtual and physical realms, as the distinctive sock designs will also materialize in our everyday world, complete with an augmented reality (AR) filter.

As RKL prepares to introduce its first players into a 3v3 basketball game with play-and-earn mechanisms, these in-game collectibles become even more pertinent. 

Accessible via web and mobile platforms, the game will incorporate Rumble Kongs PFP collection, consisting of 10,000 unique characters, as playable avatars. Gamers can form teams based on the NFTs they own or opt to rent other players’ NFTs.

Augmented reality basketball game

While the initiative appeals to the Web3 community, it is also designed to captivate mainstream users. Those who don’t possess a crypto wallet can still participate, thanks to a raffle mechanism incorporated by the developers. The existing Rumble Kong community won’t be left behind either; NFT holders get first dibs on claiming a digital HyperSocks box.

Adding another layer of interaction, the partnership will roll out an AR social contest, urging players to showcase their real-world basketball skills. This innovative feature serves a dual purpose, adding an element of competition and fun while encouraging players to engage in physical activities, thus underlining the importance of holistic well-being.

Addressing quality and scalability

One of the significant challenges in the adoption of Web3 gaming is quality. RKL aims to tackle this by creating an enthralling gaming experience combining classic nostalgia and cutting-edge Web3 technology. To ensure a seamless gaming experience for a broad player base, the developers have selected the Avalanche blockchain, known for its straightforward technology and developer-friendly environment.

Future-ready gaming

Incorporating elements from blockchain, gaming, and entertainment sectors, this collaboration between RKL and Stance exemplifies the endless possibilities of fusing traditional gaming experiences with Web3 capabilities.

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