Rick & Morty Co-Creator Launches New Animated Series With NFTs

Rick & Morty Co-Creator Launches New Animated Series With NFTs

Dan Harmon, one of the creators of the famous TV animated series Rick & Morty (a show about the interdimensional adventures of a drunk, ingenious grandpa and his grandson), is launching a new animated series in 2023 that will have a new use case for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Krapopolis Will Air in 2023

In 2013, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland came together to create a new animated TV series that was intended to be subversive, witty, and intensely captivating, called Rick & Morty. This TV series quickly rose to stardom, winning a Critics’ Choice Award for best-animated series and being nominated for the Emmy Awards.

Dan Harmon, who’s made a name for himself thanks to Rick & Morty, will now be launching a new animated series in 2023 produced by FOX Entertainment. The show is called Krapopolis and, at first glance, it seems just a regular new TV series from a well-known artist. However, it has a catch: Krapopolis is deeply intertwined with web3 and NFTs.

Krapopolis has recently launched an NFT auction on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace by market volume, offering two of its holders an innovative real-world utility: the chance to be written as a background character in Krapopolis during its Season One finale.

A New Use Case for NFTs

On the 11h of August, the show producers launched the first series-related NFT collection, the ‘Krap Chickens’. This collection was composed of 10,420 different chicken-inspired NFTs. Each of these NFTs grants its holder access to content and private screening rooms, entry to Discord channels, invitations to meet-and-greets with cast and producers of the show, exclusive merchandise, series voting rights, and primary access to forthcoming NFT drops.

On its official website, Krapopolis jokes about the Krap Chickens NFT collection, as you would expect from a comedy series coming from the same mind that created Rick & Morty:

“Before currency was developed in 600 BCE, the Ancient Greeks had to use the barter system. Most goods that were bartered were edible, but perishable. You may not be able to eat this chicken, but you will be able to trade it for a lot more than a jar of olive oil.”

Now, through a partnership between FOX Entertainment, show creator Dan Harmon, and Blockchain Creative Labs, the show producers have managed to launch the ‘Keys to Krapopolis’ NFT collection. The NFTs will be available in an auction running from the 27th of November to the 4th of December. The Keys to Krapopolis NFTs will be added to two Krap Chicken NFTs as a second image in a scavenger hunt. 

Starting from the 7th of December, current Krap Chicken owners can participate in a virtual treasure hunt for a chance to win one of the Keys. The first participant to properly respond to a series of Krapopolis-themed multiple-choice questions will be awarded the first Key to Krapopolis and be rewarded with its inclusion as a TV character.

What is Krapopolis About?

Krapopolis is a groundbreaking animated TV series that tells the story of a mythical saga taking place in ancient Greece, featuring a dysfunctional family of humans, gods, and monsters. It is also the first TV show entirely curated in the blockchain, offering its viewers a chance to participate in the story.

Blockchain Creative Labs’ CEO, Scott Greenberg, commented on the Keys to Krapopolis collection, stating how it proves that the utility in web3 can be eternal and how it’s only starting to scratch the surface of what it means for the future of fan engagement.

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