Reddit new collectible avatars deployed on the Polygon network

Reddit new collectible avatars deployed on the Polygon network

Reddit has now deployed five new contracts on the Polygon network. Users can view the collection on PolygonScan, a platform that tracks Polygon activities. 

Five new Reddit collectibles

u/Odlavso, a Reddit user, wrote recently that Reddit has deployed new contracts with a high mint number, meaning they are free drops. The contracts are Comic Reliever #1233901, Peacemaker #1493002, Keyboard Brawler #264801, Great Mind #153701Odlavso, and Shadow Figure #402601.

In addition to the free drops, users might get Gen 3 as some artist names have been spotted, says Odlavso. Meanwhile, some artists claim to have discovered four artists who will be part of the new drop.

That’s not all. Their names were seen on some of the codes. However, the Reddit user mentioned that they do not know if Gen 3 will drop or only the free starter packs since Reddit calls it the 2 million each collection. Meanwhile, Reddit is yet to announce the drop.

Reddit’s NFT journey has been successful

Reddit has had success among mainstream brands in the NFT industry. In October 2022, its NFT avatars earned more than $10m in sales. In just three months after the launch, the collections had made it to OpenSea’s Top 10 list in daily trading volume and threw CryptoPunks off the first position. 

Dune Analytics data shows that Reddit NFTs has a market cap of over $50m. The number of holders has also gone up and surpassed 7.1 million. Meanwhile, the total volume sales have gone up, with total sales going above $13.3 million transacted on launch. 

Reddit and NFL partnered last month to bring collectible avatars for free to Aussie fans for the Super Bowl LVII. The collection became the second-highest minted NFTs in a day on Feb. 7.

In addition to the free avatars, the platform received a larger audience. Reddit was also able to sell a lot of premium NFTs from artists worldwide based on Snoo, a Reddit cartoon alien mascot. More than 6.6 million unique wallets are holding the avatars on the platform.

The recent NFT launch has compelled Reddit to monetize some features that have gained attention among its users. The launch is about two years after Reddit Avatar Builder’s launch. Users can upgrade unique features to add to their avatars on the platform through on-site purchases.

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