Reddit launching Gen 4 NFT Collectible Avatars today

Reddit launching Gen 4 NFT Collectible Avatars today

Despite receiving intense backlash on the Gen 3 drop, Reddit will persist in creating fresh digital collectibles for enthusiasts. The social media giant is launching its new Gen 4 avatars today. Will bots infest the NFT (non-fungible token) sale like last time?

Get your wallets ready, Gen 4 Avatars are here!

An official announcement on subreddit r/CollectibleAvatars revealed that Reddit’s latest series of collectible avatars, dubbed “Retro Reimagined”, will be dropped at 3:00 pm Eastern Time.

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This marks the fourth generation of collectible avatars since the project’s inception in July 2022. As with previous iterations, the avatars will be issued on the Polygon blockchain and open for decentralized trading and third-party sales.

This drop follows Reddit’s recent API changes that took effect at the beginning of the month. Several companies and users were against the decision, with several subreddits going on strike and others deciding to shut down.

New artists and revamped collectibles shop

The new wave of collectible avatars boasts innovative designs crafted by both new and existing creators. Notably among the creators are Cool_Cats_NFT and Micah Johnson.

Furthermore, Reddit plans to revamp its collectible shop, integrating it directly into the avatar editing section. The shop currently showcases a selection of Gen 3 avatars, many of which are priced at $4.99.

Veteran creators such as Ali Sabet, rojom, gasolyn, StutterVoid, Conall-in-Space, kristyglas, and dashikka have also returned to contribute to the Reddit avatar project. These artists are known for their unique contributions to past avatar generations, bringing a robust creative blend to the initiative.

What about bot protection?

A reddit user, u/ChemicalGreek, asked if Gen 4 will have “bot protection now?”. No information has yet been given on the issue, but Reddit users believe the problem hasn’t been solved. Another user, u/m0339693, replied:

“Yes they do. The bot protection was the gen 3 launch”.

Although a satirical answer, user u/m0339693 might be correct. The Gen 3 drop was mostly bought up by bots, leaving several people facing an error message on their screens when it was time to buy. However, because the Gen 3 dropped wasn’t nearly as successful as the previous two, most of these bots ended up losing money.

However, not even these small setbacks have overshadowed Reddit’s success. Within 11 months of its launch, Reddit nearly hit the 10 million mark in terms of holders of its avatars as of May 2023. Let’s see how Gen 4 will perform amidst the challenging climate currently lived in the NFT space.

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