Reddit deploys contract for Gen 3 NFT Avatars on Polygon 

Reddit deploys contract for Gen 3 NFT Avatars on Polygon 

As part of the launch of a new age of blockchain-based digital collectibles, Reddit has unveiled the launch of Gen 3 NFT “Reddit Avatars” on the Polygon blockchain network.

The launch of Gen 3 is nearing

The move has sparked excitement among users, with some speculating that the latest drop could sell out within minutes. The Reddit community has been anticipating this release for several months now.  

The release comes after the first and second generations of these collectibles were successfully introduced and brought in substantial revenue for the artists. The most recent version of these avatars, which went live on April 5, has stirred up a lot of discussions, with some users forecasting a sale in just a few minutes.

In July 2022, the avatars were initially released, enabling artists to produce and market their works. Owners of these collectibles can be used as avatars on Reddit.

When the avatars went on sale in August 2022, there was an astonishing amount of trading that helped the collection hit an all-time high as wallet owners got close to $3 million. Reddit Avatars’ most recent release on the Polygon blockchain is anticipated to increase trading volume considerably.

Changing the bad reputation of NFTs

Reddit’s marketing initiatives have successfully changed people’s perceptions of non-fungible tokens, which is one of the reasons there is so much enthusiasm surrounding this most recent development. Prior to the creation and widespread use of Reddit’s Avatars, many individuals were opposed to NFTs. However, this has changed, with many now being either neutral or in favor of them.

While the NFT marketplace remains crowded and competitive, Reddit’s established user base and marketing efforts may give it an edge over other NFT projects. As a trusted and well-known platform, Reddit has the potential to stand out and gain attention in the increasingly competitive NFT space.

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Mixed reactions among users

This latest release of the non-fungible tokens has garnered mixed reactions from the community.

Some users are concerned about the payment process, which they fear could prove cumbersome and impact the speed of sales. This is a valid concern, given the increasing number of NFT projects and collections competing for attention in the market.

Others remain doubtful about the sustainability of the demand for digital assets like NFTs, but the successful launch and adoption of Reddit’s avatars demonstrate the growing interest and potential of blockchain-based collectibles in the digital world.

Despite these reservations, the market for non-fungible tokens has seen Reddit’s NFTs gain ground and popularity among collectors.

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