Reddit gifts Gen 3 launch day participants with a free NFT collection

Reddit gifts Gen 3 launch day participants with a free NFT collection

The online chat platform Reddit is showing gratitude to anyone who participated on the day of the Generation 3 launch. Users that visited or tried to visit the Reddit shop and successfully or unsuccessfully acquired Gen 3 are eligible for a free NFT.

Free NFT collection as Gen 3 sequel

After a troublesome launch of Reddit Gen 3 collectible avatars, Reddit is introducing a free NFT collection to everyone who participated on the launch day. According to the announcement, Reddit is committed to making the collectible avatar enticing and lucrative to Web3 enthusiasts.

Everyone who participated or tried to participate in minting the Generation 3 avatars drop on April 11 will be eligible for a free NFT collection drop soon coming into the market. The collection will be an appreciation token for the enduring participants of Gen 3.

According to the broadcast, Reddit is aware that the Gen 3 drop did not go as anticipated in the first few moments immediately after the launch. However, Reddit technical support and developers worked to solve the issues, yet needed help to erase the perception of the much-hyped Gen 3 avatar collectibles.

The “Better Launch Next Time” Collection!

Lucky are those who participated in the Reddit Gen 3 launch. The renowned online chat platform has developed criteria for selecting participants. Those who qualify will get a direct message in their Reddit inbox section on May 15.

The message will include a link directing the customer to claim one fantastic design from the available four that depict different experiences from the Gen 3 launch. The option of choosing an NFT will close once a user selects never to be reaccessed.

The free NFTs come after the events that unfolded on Gen 3 launch day. Reddit had conducted victorious Gen 1 and 2 drops in the previous years. Gen 3 launch was expected to be effective but proved futile due to technical errors. The thoughtful free collection will be a tribute to avatar enthusiasts for surviving Gen 3 launch.

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