Reddit Gen 3 Avatars released, marred by technical errors

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Reddit Gen 3 Avatars released, marred by technical errors

The much anticipated and hyped Reddit Generation 3 avatars are now available in the Reddit avatar shop, but technical hitches have hindered the process as Reddit assures users of normalizing the process.

Gen 3 avatars

Reddit’s generation 3 avatars came live in the market on the afternoon of April 11 (Eastern Time). The online chat forum announced the release of the Gen 3 avatars through a tweet, calling for enthusiasts to purchase the limited-edition digital assets created by over 100 artists.

However, after 3 minutes of selling, the avatar shop started to experience technical problems. Users were bombarded with the “Error: cannot complete purchase” message when trying to buy the much-glorified avatars.

Features of Gen 3

The Gen 3 avatars differ from Gen 1 and Gen 2, given the number of artists involved, and the generation has more avatars compared to the two. Some artists like Dashikka have displayed splendid work, while frequent creators like TheFattyBagz continue to enchant the supporters.

The collectible avatars by Reddit are fit for matching users’ personalities and online profiles. The avatars are powered by blockchain expertise and are reachable for a while. Reddit chose Polygon, an Ethereum-founded blockchain, because of its cheaper transaction costs. 

Previous generations have been a blast

Initial collectible avatar collections by Reddit took the NFT world by storm as they sold out swiftly. The swiftness and hype attracted most enthusiasts to participate in the Gen 3 release.

Nevertheless, many devotees eagerly waiting for the drop have been disappointed following a technical hitch that hit the system in the early minutes of the release.

Some enthusiasts took to Twitter, lamenting the predicaments of purchasing the precious avatars. Users like @itsarbsy, one of the avatar collectors, blamed Reddit for failing to deploy better management strategies since they had enough time.

The Reddit team acknowledged the system hitches and, through a tweet, assured the buyers that they would reboot the system and get back to business.

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