RealFevr brings NFT memorabilia mayhem to the Portuguese Football League Cup

RealFevr brings NFT memorabilia mayhem to the Portuguese Football League Cup

RealFevr, a Portuguese web3 company, an ambitious fantasy sports ecosystem using licensed sports digital collectibles and video games, recently released a new game format called FEVR Battle Arena and has now announced a partnership with the Allianz Cup for the next two seasons, bringing the tournament to the web3 world.

The MVP Pack is about to drop

The best moments of the Allianz Cup will be recorded as digital collectibles in the form of video, thanks to the two-year deal made between Liga Portugal and RealFevr. This is the latest partnership announcement made by the RealFevr team, following the disclosure of the Copa Del Rey agreement, back in November.

The agreement, valid for the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 sports seasons, will allow fans to “create exclusive collections of iconic moments of the Allianz Cup in video format, which they can also commercialize through the RealFevr marketplace,” the statement explains. Furthermore, it’s explained that “the digital collectibles are created through blockchain and NFT technology, ensuring total transparency and security.”

The first Allianz Cup collection will be released in February 2023 and will include a unique autographed moment from the Allianz Cup Final 2022/23 (which is yet to be played) most valuable player. In addition to the collector’s perspective, owners of these football moments will be able to play and compete with them in the world’s first Web3 football trading moments game: FEVR Battle Arena.

The initiative aims to strengthen the connection between the fans and the tournament, which is seen in Portugal as a secondary trophy, and to increase “the digital footprint of Liga Portugal and the competition, reinforcing its presence in the Web3 ecosystem.”

Web3 is taking over European Football

According to Tiago Madureira, the executive director of Liga Portugal, this is “excellent news for fans”, who will now have the opportunity to “share the great moments of the Allianz Cup in the digital world.”

The CEO of RealFevr, Fred Antunes, is proud of this partnership as it positions the company as one of the first in the web3 industry to offer this kind of service and opens the door for future opportunities:

“This partnership makes us immensely proud for multiple reasons. Firstly, because it allows us to solidify and strengthen one of our most important and oldest partnerships with an organization that has been part of our journey for the past few years: Liga Portugal. Secondly, because it positions us in the Web3 industry as one of the first companies to publish a collection of sports moments related to a competition that almost took place in real-time. It’s a proof of concept that will open doors for us to explore many other market opportunities.”

The future is looking bright for web3 football communities

By collaborating with Realfevr, Liga Portugal hopes to improve its competition’s online visibility, including that of the Allianz Cup, making the league more accessible to supporters all over the world. This move is also part of RealFevr’s expansion plan to acquire more intellectual property rights of football moments and expand the brand reach worldwide.

All in all, the collaboration between Liga Portugal and RealFevr means an improvement in the field of digital collectibles. Fans of the Allianz Cup (and football fans in general) can now securely, openly, and entertainingly gather and own the tournament’s most memorable moments. With the help of this collaboration, the Allianz Cup hopes to grow a stronger online presence and fan interaction.

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