RealFevr announces Organya’s leap into the future of Web3 football

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RealFevr announces Organya’s leap into the future of Web3 football

Portuguese crypto startup RealFevr has unveiled Organya World, a Web3 football strategy game that transforms digital collectibles into a thrilling competitive arena.

A new dawn in digital gaming

Organya World, the latest innovation from RealFevr, marks a significant shift in the gaming landscape. This Web3 football strategy game allows players to build powerful decks using RealFevr’s digital collectibles.

These aren’t just any collectibles; they encapsulate iconic moments from football history, featuring legendary goals and saves by renowned players. The digital treasures transcend their collectible status, morphing into formidable in-game assets that players wield in strategic battles.

The game’s launch is not just a milestone for RealFevr but a paradigm shift in the gaming experience. Months of meticulous planning, rigorous beta testing, and countless brainstorming sessions have culminated in this proud moment. Organya is a testament to RealFevr’s commitment to redefining the Web3 gaming experience through fully licensed sports digital collectibles and state-of-the-art video games.

Building a community of champions

In its first 24 hours, Organya hosted over 500 games. The game invites everyone to step into a world where football players are not just athletes but heroes in a grand narrative.

In the expansive realm of Organya, players face a dire threat to humanity. It’s a world where football icons rise as heroes under the player’s guidance. As a leader, one orchestrates their team’s path to glory, strategizing to defeat opponents, win rewards, and ultimately save humanity.

Organya: a game of strategy and triumph

Organya offers a unique proposition: owning a team composed of eternal memories from favorite players. These memories are not just sentimental; they are tactical assets in the game. Players step into the role of a coach, strategizing and competing for glory in various game modes. The game rewards skill with substantial prizes, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay.

The game modes are diverse, catering to different preferences, ensuring that every player finds their niche, whether they prefer intense battles or strategic tournaments:

  • Free for All: Teams battle intensely to earn experience points.
  • Arenas: One-on-one battles where the victor claims all.
  • Survival: A high-stakes mode where players have only one life.
  • Playoffs: Knockout-style tournaments with lucrative prize money.

The road ahead: Anticipation and innovation

As Organya nears its official launch, RealFevr is fine-tuning the game, promising a trailer with gameplay and a release date soon. This anticipation builds upon RealFevr’s core values: meritocracy, transparency, cooperation, and quality. The company’s pivot to game production within the Web3 industry, with Organya as its flagship product, signifies a commitment to bringing next-generation gaming to all gamers.

A game-changing venture

In the world of Organya, every goal is a step towards victory, but it’s the strategy that makes you a legend. So, get ready to play the game where your moves are not just kicks, but the strokes of a master painting a canvas of triumph.

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