RaribleX unveiled: Bringing traditional brands to Web3

RaribleX unveiled: Bringing traditional brands to Web3

Leading NFT marketplace Rarible unveiled its new platform, RaribleX, on November 1st. RaribleX promises a seamless experience for launching NFT drops and custom secondary marketplaces, promising to redefine how traditional brands enter the Web3 space.

Introducing RaribleX

RaribleX is setting a new standard for brand interaction in the web3 space. Leveraging four years of cutting-edge experience, the platform is primed to transform how brands connect with digital communities.

The new platform stands out with its turnkey marketplace solutions, designed to cater to both web2 and web3 brands. It’s not just about bridging gaps; it’s about creating a cohesive digital ecosystem:

“We’re leveraging our 4 years of experience, world-class tech, and deep insights from pioneering projects with Mattel, Fox & McFarlane Toys to provide a seamless web3 experience,” – Rarible

Supporting artist royalties

The new platform sets itself apart by allowing brands to set custom fees. Royalties are enforced throughout the entire Rarible ecosystem, a clear nod to the company’s commitment to creators. In August, amid OpenSea’s wavering stance on royalties, Rarible reaffirmed its support for creators using the #StandForRoyalties hashtag.

Features, security, and UX

RaribleX offers Open Edition drops, auctions, and specialized collection minting. It enables creators to craft custom marketplaces, drawing listings from multiple blockchains. The user experience (UX) is paramount, with a brand-centric interface focused on community engagement. Transactions are streamlined with integration to major crypto wallets and credit card payment options.

The foundation of RaribleX is its robust API, acclaimed as the fastest and most reliable NFT API in the industry. Security is also a significant selling point. The platform leans on Rarible’s audited smart contracts and robust infrastructure, supported by the $RARI token. This approach aims to provide a safe marketplace for brands, creators, and users.

Onboarding impactful brands

Rarible has an impressive track record, having worked with iconic brands like Mattel, the Smurfs, Barbie, DC Comics, and MacFarlane Toys. And it’s not just collectibles, as Rarible is working to create use cases in finance, having recently introduced a new NFT banking standard in conjunction with Metal Blockchain.

We should expect great things from RaribleX. The company’s commitment to creators, user-friendly design, and impressive collaborations position it as a potential game-changer for Web2 brands looking to enter the NFT space

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