Rarible debuts a new NFT marketplace builder for Polygon NFT collections

Rarible debuts a new NFT marketplace builder for Polygon NFT collections

Rarible announced the launch of a free NFT marketplace builder powered by the Rarible protocol with the view that community marketplaces will become the future.

Polygon NFT marketplace builder launches on Rarible protocol 

Renowned NFT marketplace Rarible announced earlier that the marketplace had launched a marketplace builder for Polygon devs supporting Ethereum’s ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards. Users developing their marketplaces on the platform can customize their projects according to their preferences.Β 

According to Rarible, the marketplace builder will possess essential features that let users tweak their marketplaces to encompass various optional choices, including royalty-free adjustments. The builder also requires zero coding experience, saving developers a hustle, and is free of charge.

However, the builder is limited to Polygon, excluding other smart contracting platforms, such as Solana, that also house several creators and numerous NFT collections. The team explained that the Polygon network was a strategic choice to launch the project because the smart contract platform has recently been in a frenzy. Polygon has a significant ecosystem as far as NFT projects and blockchain gaming developments are concerned.

The Polygon team responded to Rarible’s announcement on Twitter, stating that the platform extended deep gratitude for the opportunity granted to community developers by the free zero-code marketplace builder.

Developers have already started developing their NFT marketplaces. One user by the name @degenanime tweeted on their new NFT marketplace powered by the new marketplace builder, charging a 0% market fee and 0% fee on all collectibles listed on Rarible as well as their new custom-built NFT marketplace.

Polygon’s recent success in the NFT world

Rarible selected Polygon from other Ethereum side-chain platforms due to its growing popularity among crypto enthusiasts and NFT lovers. Polygon is now the most used Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution. The platform recently partnered with Xternity, a blockchain and Web3 game developer, to migrate the Synergy Land game from Solana to Polygon.

Polygon also found its name amidst zeal when former US president Donald J Trump launched his NFT collection powered by the platform’s network. Although the project is currently on a steep decline, Trump’s NFT collection sold out soon after launching on Dec. 16.

According to data from Dune Analytics, a blockchain analytics company, Polygon’s NFTs also set an all-time high record in trading volumes in 2022 on the world’s largest NFT marketplace OpenSea. The network accumulated 324 million dollars in NFT sales on OpenSea in January 2022 compared to the closing figure of just under $300 million recorded in January 2021.

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Source: Dune analytics

2022 was a rough year in the NFT world, characterized by countless scams, hacks, and crashes. The markets took a severe hit from the FTX debacle, which sent Bitcoin plunging below $20k. However, it is quite possible that the worst of the crypto winter is already behind us and that an exciting future awaits. As more brands, people, and projects join the NFT space, we will see innovations in gaming, digital art, sports collectibles, and media (books, music, film).

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