Rarible and Metal Blockchain: Introducing NFT innovation in Banking

Rarible and Metal Blockchain: Introducing NFT innovation in Banking

Metallicus, the backbone of Metal Blockchain, and prominent NFT marketplace Rarible have announced a partnership. Their goal is to forge BSA-compliant NFT solutions for banks and fintech companies.

NFTs for banking

Rarible joins forces with Metal Blockchain, bringing its NFT prowess to the table. The joint venture will delve into the role of NFTs in conventional financial products and banking experiences.

Metal Blockchain, supported by Metallicus, has already forged ties with leading financial institutions. Their mission is to blend traditional finance with Web3, aligning with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations.

Blockchain research and development

Despite blockchain being a nascent technology in traditional finance, Rarible and Metal Blockchain are pooling resources for R&D. They aim to innovate in tokenized rewards, compliant digital asset transfers, on-chain financial records, and more.

Marshall Hayner, CEO of Metallicus, lauds the marketplace’s expertise:

“This partnership focuses on bringing web3’s digital ownership concepts to real-world finance, with compliance and utility at the forefront.”

What Rarible brings to the table

Rarible brings to the partnership its advanced, scalable NFT tech stack. Its protocol, driven by its community, excels in user experience and high-performance trading.

Alexei Falin, Rarible’s Co-Founder & CEO, envisions a transformed financial sector. He imagines credit card points as tradable NFTs, owned by the holders. Outlining the company’s ambitious vision, he stated: “We’re talking genuine ownership, clarity, and movement in rewards.”

This collaboration aims to address financial inefficiencies using NFTs and blockchain technology. The focus is on regulatory compliance. The partners aim to tackle transparency, speed, and cost issues in the financial sector.

A more efficient and transparent financial sector

NFTs will be used for clear ownership, while blockchain will ensure secure and speedy transactions. This synergy aims to streamline asset management and financing, marrying technology and finance for a compliant, efficient future.

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