Quadrillion Art sets new milestone in Bitcoin Ordinals with 21-artist collaboration

Quadrillion Art sets new milestone in Bitcoin Ordinals with 21-artist collaboration

Quadrillion Art has launched ‘Perpetuals: Beginnings’, a unique collaboration in the Bitcoin Ordinals space featuring 21 renowned artists. This initiative, led by Bitcoin enthusiasts BitGod21 and ChiefnQuach, marks a significant step in bringing high-quality art to the Bitcoin platform.

Perpetuals: Beginnings

‘Perpetuals: Beginnings’ showcases the talents of 21 artists, including Dirty Robot, Terrell Jones, Efdot, and others. This collaboration represents the largest collective effort by established artists on the Ordinals platform.

The lineup of artists for this project is diverse. It includes Terrelldom, Dirtyrobot, Delta Sauce, Amber Vittoria, Olive Allen, Kemar74, Dangiuz, Lordneutron, Adhd143, EfdotStudio, DMsjel, TheBakaArts, MiraRuido, Jarvinart, Andrea Chiampo, Jonathan Wolfe, POSTWOOK, Alex Kittoe, Nevin Johnson, Bubaviedma, and Rust. Each artist brings their unique style and perspective, contributing to the richness of the project.

The project entails 24 unique pieces, totaling 2100 limited editions, each minted at $210 USD in Bitcoin (approximately 0.006 BTC). This pricing strategy makes the art accessible while valuing the artists’ work appropriately.

Digital art finds a home in Bitcoin

BitGod21, the co-founder of Quadrillion Art, highlighted the importance of the Bitcoin for art in a recent interview, stating:

“The canvas you create matters, and we at Quadrillion strongly believe the most immutable, uncensorable, & powerful canvas on earth is Bitcoin. This is where Art belongs.”

Artist Delta Sauce expressed his enthusiasm for the project and its impact on his exposure. He noted the community’s positive reception and recalled the early days of his involvement in Web3. This project, according to Delta Sauce, not only showcases diverse art but also respects the artists and their creations.

The collaboration is not just a milestone for Quadrillion Art but also a significant development in the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem. By involving artists recognized on Ethereum, Tezos, and other blockchains, Quadrillion Art is diversifying the Bitcoin platform and demonstrating its potential as a hub for digital art.

Quadrillion Art launch party

Quadrillion’s collaboration extends beyond the digital realm. In partnership with Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles, Quadrillion organized a launch party on November 10. The event offered a unique opportunity for attendees to meet some of the featured artists and view their works.

As Quadrillion Art continues to pioneer in this space, the art world watches with eager anticipation for what comes next.

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