PUMA goes digital with new NFT collection

PUMA goes digital with new NFT collection

Sports brand PUMA is pushing boundaries with the launch of their latest NFT project, the “Super PUMA” PFP collection. 

Super PUMA NFT collection celebrates the brand’s 75th birthday

Sports brand PUMA has unveiled the limited edition Super PUMA PFP NFT collection to celebrate their 75th anniversary. This digital makeover brings the iconic comic character to life through blockchain technology and offers fans a new way to experience PUMA’s legacy in sports and culture. The collection also includes an original storyline for added excitement.

The Super PUMA NFT collection consists of 10,000 units, with 4000 being airdropped to Nitro Collection holders, 2000 reserved for the 10KTF community, and the remaining 4000 available for public purchase through WL Spots.

This is not PUMA’s first NFT rodeo 

PUMA is no stranger to the world of non-fungible tokens, having already launched the Nitro Collection, focused on digital fashion and cutting-edge shoe styles. Nitro Collection NFT holders receive priority access to the Super PUMA PFP NFT, based on the number of Nitro NFTs they possess.

The Super PUMA NFT collection debuts on the 10KTF digital marketplace, offering a range of interactive options for collectors. This launch represents PUMA’s commitment to pushing boundaries with its “Forever Faster” mission.

PUMA celebrates ENS 1-year anniversary with Super PUMA NFT launch

The Super PUMA NFT collection launch coincides with the 1-year anniversary of PUMA’s Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain, Puma.eth. This milestone further solidifies PUMA’s position as a leader in innovation and boundary-pushing in both the sports and technology industries.

The Ethereum Name Service, or ENS, is a decentralized, open-source, and adaptable naming system operating on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT domain names serve to translate human-readable names, such as “alice.eth,” into machine-readable codes, which can be Ethereum addresses, addresses of other cryptocurrencies, hashes of content, or metadata.

ENS is mostly used to swap lengthy addresses with easily recognizable domains, making cryptocurrency transactions smoother and more manageable. However, the usecases extend far beyond this.

Multi-billion dollar sports memorabilia market embraces NFTs

The sports memorabilia market is a thriving industry, with physical collectibles like bobbleheads and autographed gear traditionally dominating. However, digital collectibles in the form of NFTs are gaining ground as a popular alternative.

While NFTs are growing in popularity in the sports memorabilia market, some traditional collectors remain skeptical and view NFTs as a passing trend. This view has been reinforced by the bear market in cryptocurrency and NFTs that persisted throughout 2022.

Despite skepticism, there are indications that digital sports collectibles may not be a fleeting trend and could shape the future of the industry.

Millennials, making up 42% of self-reported collectors, are the largest group in the sports collectibles market and prefer the convenience of digital assets. New media such as NFTs appeals to this group, who also assign value to art based on factors such as the creator’s social media following.

NFTs bring a new level of utility to sports collectibles, offering online master classes and meet and greets with star athletes, as well as benefits such as playability in NFT games and exclusive access to sporting events. NFTs also offer fans complete ownership and unchallenged authenticity as their ownership history and lifetime can be monitored on a blockchain and cannot be altered or destroyed.

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