Puma collaborates with Yuga Labs’ 10KTF to fashion NFT space with sneaker collection

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Puma collaborates with Yuga Labs’ 10KTF to fashion NFT space with sneaker collection

Sportswear manufacturer Puma has partnered with 10KFT to debut an exclusive 2000 pair of Slipstream sneakers in NFT form. The partnership cements Puma’s aspiration in the Web3 industry after its Super Puma NFT collection for commemorating its 75th anniversary.

Slipstream series with 2000 pairs out

Puma’s legendary partner, Alexander John, has created 2,000 pairs of Puma Slipstream sneakers for the holders of Nitro NFT and members of the 10KTF community. According to the announcement, each pair will have an implant of an NFT chip to join the physical and digital landscape. Verification of the sneaker’s originality will be through NFTs.


The new collection came into practice on April 27, with the holders of Puma Nitro NFT and 10KTF community members accessing the exclusive collection. The members of 10KTF and owners of Puma Nitro NFT are likely to acquire Slipstream’s customized version. Accompanying the show will be a corresponding NFT operational in the 10KTF platform.

Adam Petrick, the chief brand officer of Puma, stated:

“Puma continues to reimagine the format of traditional sneaker. The collaboration facilitated the thoughts.” While acknowledging the work of long-time Puma partner, Alexander John added that the creation helped minimize the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Additionally, the released sneakers also feature Bored Apes along with Super PUMA.

Acquiring the Slipstream collection

Valid holders of Puma Nitro NFT and members of the 10KTF community must possess an active PFP in 10KTF. A PFP represents “Picture For Proof,” an NFT equivalent of a profile picture utilized by hoarders to depict an in-depth countenance of technological and artistic gift.  

The virtual avatars of hoarders will inform the type of NFT shoe to get with the physical shoe embedded with a chip to link them. The embedded chip is connected to a smart contract used to verify the validity of the shoe through the blockchain.

The collaboration adds to the previous partnership that Puma and 10KTF, and Yuga Labs started last summer. In early February, Puma also collaborated with 10KTF to spearhead Super Puma. Part of the agreement is to iterate the Slipstream to different NFTs with 10KTF and Puma dubbing the drop “Grailed PUMA Slipstream.”

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