Pudgy Penguins unveils new NFT-inspired cookies

Pudgy Penguins unveils new NFT-inspired cookies

The creators behind the beloved Pudgy Penguins NFT collection have again taken the market by storm. Following their successful launch of a new line of toys, the brand has now partnered with Last Crumb, a luxury cookie brand based in Los Angeles, to bring NFT-themed cookies to the public.

In a tweet published yesterday, Pudgy Penguins announced their collaboration with Last Crumb. Starting October 11 at 3PM EST, enthusiasts can expect these special edition NFT-themed cookies on shelves.

The special edition cookie box will come in unique packaging with twelve flavors, including the incredibly popular “special chocolate lava”. The box is listed at $140 on Last Crumble’s official website. For those interested in ordering, there is a promo code available: “WELOVEPUDGIES”.

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Different Last Crumble Cookie Flavors

Spencer Ventures acquires 144 Pudgy Penguins

In related news, Spencer Ventures has announced its acquisition of 144 Pudgy Penguin NFTs previously owned by the defunct crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC).

The venture capital fund, institutionally backed, cemented the deal valued in the “mid-six figures.” As part of the agreement, Spencer Ventures will receive a mix of Pudgy Penguin NFTs, 48 of which can be seen in Sotheby’s wallet, including a highly sought-after collectible adorned with an ultra-rare ice crown.

A representative of Spencer Ventures emphasized the firm’s long-term commitment to their newly-acquired collection, stating they would not be selling the NFTs “anytime soon”.

Origin story

Cole Thereum and Mr Tubby established Pudgy Penguins back in 2021. Now, under the helm of acclaimed entrepreneur Luca Nets, the company has become a notable name in the NFT universe.

The brand’s rise to fame wasn’t accidental. NFT influencers, celebrity endorsements, and extensive media coverage have all played a part. These factors transformed Pudgy Penguins from a mere digital asset firm to a leading NFT brand.

Recognizing the soaring demand, the company implemented a diversification strategy. They now have plush physical collectibles and merchandise in their catalog, including a recently announced clothing line named Igloo.

Fusing the digital and tangible worlds allows fans to interact with their treasured penguin avatars offline. The physical offerings have enabled Pudgy Penguins to remain relevant, finding success while most other NFT collections struggle to keep afloat amidst a struggling NFT market.

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