Pudgy Penguins launches new clothing line dubbed Igloo

Pudgy Penguins launches new clothing line dubbed Igloo

The penguins have announced their latest venture: a clothing brand named Igloo. Aiming beyond the digital frontier, the Web3 powerhouse strives to resonate with a larger audience by becoming a celebrated player in the fashion industry.

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Pudgy Penguins aims to go beyond just pixels and blockchain. After recently releasing a successful line of physical toys, the renowned non-fungible token (NFT) project now has a new clothing line in the pipeline.

The novel brand, Igloo, seems to have caused a stir online. The tweet announcing the debut collection, which swiftly garnered an impressive 29.2K views and 105 reposts, showcased stylish t-shirts, jackets, shorts, and pants. All products are already available on the Igloo.shop.

A follow-up tweet elaborated on Igloo’s purpose:

“Igloo is a brand that caters to the wider clothing audience as we grow the top of the funnel for Pudgy Penguins.”

Floor price went up

The new brand might prove incredibly successful and seems to have had a positive impact on the Pudgy Penguins NFTs. According to data from OpenSea, the floor price of the collection went up 10% since the announcement.

Iglooed together

As stated on the official platform, all products are crafted in Miami and refined in Los Angeles. Igloo offers trendy and comfortable clothes with designs aimed at fostering authentic and lively interactions.

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(Source: igloo.shop)

Every piece tells a story. An emblematic message of empathy, compassion, and respect is interwoven in each design. “Nice as a Way of Life” isn’t just a slogan for Igloo—it’s a philosophy. The clothing line seeks to inspire its wearers to carry an aura of positivity, exuding warmth and joy in their daily interactions.

In essence, Pudgy Penguins is breaking new ground. With Igloo, the digital giant is making yet another mark in the physical world, championing values that matter.

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