Pudgy Penguins introduces new “Left Facing” collectible

Pudgy Penguins introduces new “Left Facing” collectible

Pudgy Penguins has unveiled its latest premium collectible, “Left Facing.” This unique offering, inspired by the renowned Left Facing Pudgy Penguin #6873, isn’t just a digital art piece but a part of a strategic move to tap into the traditional collector’s market.

Expanding the Pudgy Penguins IP

Set to release on August 8th and 9th, the “Left Facing” collectible symbolizes the brand’s ambition to be at the crossroads of art, technology, and NFT innovation.

The company’s goal? To redefine the conventional collector market with the undeniable allure of the Pudgy Penguins IP. They perceive this as an opportunity to usher a fresh legion of collectors into the enigmatic world of NFTs. As the brand endeavors to clinch the title of the globe’s premier NFT platform, its dedication to educating its audience about the NFT universe remains steadfast.

New partnerships

Central to this expansion strategy are two critical partnerships with NTWRK and SASOM. Joining hands with NTWRK, an industry titan in the digital collectible sphere, offers Pudgy Penguins an inroad to millions of potential fans. This collaboration promises not just enhanced visibility but also a chance to cultivate brand recognition beyond Web3.

SASOM, on the other hand, is a gem from Thailand, known as a marketplace haven for collectors with a penchant for exclusivity. In many ways, SASOM is to the East what StockX is to the West – a hub for the crème de la crème of collectibles.

Pugdy Penguins is a beacon of hope in a struggling market

But what drives Pudgy Penguins’ expansion? It’s the brand’s dedication to its community, known fondly as the Huddle. Pudgy Penguins recognizes the need to grow its brand without resorting to external funding or making the same mistake as Azuki by jeopardizing its core collection.

This holistic approach has catapulted Pudgy Penguins to staggering heights. Their curated toys, products, and experiences, designed for niche audiences, have amassed billions of social media interactions. Let’s hope this new wave of partnerships and the recent collaborative collection with Jack Butcher can help Pudgy Penguins expand its brand, thus lifting the NFT market out of the current slump.

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