Public Pressure Raises Over $2 Million in a Few Days with its NFT Project

Public Pressure Raises Over $2 Million in a Few Days with its NFT Project

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become increasingly popular digital assets in all sectors, including the music industry. With the advent of web3, this sector has become even more juicy and promotional for many brands. That is one of the reasons why Public Pressure, known as a web3 music giant, has generated around $2 million in a matter of days from its NFTs. What do you need to know about this dazzling success?

Public Pressure Makes a Big Splash right from the Start

Public Pressure is a large company specializing in web-based music production3. It was officially launched in August to build a reputation in the blockchain world. As evidence of this, the brand recently announced its ambition to enter the metaverse by implementing unique non-fungible tokens.

The initiative has indeed been concretized by the launch of an NFT project, which sold out in just a few days and generated over $2 million in sales.

Public Pressure Hosted on the Polkadot Blockchain

The success of the Public Pressure project would not have been the same without the support of the Polkadot blockchain, which enables high scalability. The brand observed that many projects in the Metaverse space manage only 50 people at a time on a screen, thus giving the impression of dealing with a kind of ghost town. 

The company initiated its project to build an ecosystem that is both reliable and attractive. Public Pressure plans to attract a range of games to its network that use the strengths of its ecosystem. The NFT PODs of music are the culmination that can show the usefulness of the project and the metaverse. 

Public Pressure Collaborates with High-Profile Actors

The success of the Public Pressure brand is due in part to the contribution of a number of high-profile personalities, including the duo of Italian DJs and artists such as UMG Merk & Kremont. The latter has teamed up with Public Pressure to produce a series of PODs, which are NFTs that feature songs that users can equip within the Moonsama web3 gaming platform. Once equipped, each song unlocks features or bonuses in the game, as does the playback of the purchased song in the game.

The NFT PODs collection contained 3,333 limited edition NFTs. They are sold at a fixed price of $600 each. Each one was equipped with new music from DJs Merk & Kremont, much to the delight of fans. The limited edition sold out in a matter of days, generating $2 million in revenue. A first that will remain in the archives and in the memories. 

Public Pressure and Moonsama put together a Unique Project

Public Pressure has done a great job of collaborating with one of the best gaming platforms, Moonsama. Moonsama has the largest community in the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem. On this, the project offers the possibility for all players to buy NFTs as utilities. The association with Moonsama will bring NFT music to the Moonsama metaverse and gaming communities for the first time. 

By laying the groundwork for such a project to bring the digital and physical worlds together, Public Pressure is offering labels and artists a new direction to follow with innovative formats for their art. The success of this collaboration effectively confirms the belief that the future of music and culture consumption lies on the web3. 

Public Pressure Making an Impact on Web3

Built on Polkadot, the brainchild of Ethereum founder Gavin Wood, Polkadot has the lowest total electricity consumption and carbon emissions recorded each year among the 6 proof-of-stake blockchains. This blockchain is being set up to support the transition of music to the web3, thus strengthening the relationship between the artist and the fan.

Better still, the project will create new sources of revenue for creators and the music industry at large. This is a significant advance that must be cultivated to stand out from the competition. 

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