PSG’s innovative NFT poster collection

PSG’s innovative NFT poster collection

French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and artistic director Benjamin Benichou have come together to fuse the worlds of technology and art. This season, the famous football club ventures into the realm of artificial intelligence to produce a captivating collection of match posters.

AI-generated images turned into NFTs

This marks the first instance where PSG has delved into AI for a creative endeavor. The ambitious project demanded an intricate guide to be drafted, entwining a vast spectrum of graphic and historical elements. 

Out of 1,970 AI-generated posters crafted by the French artist, only seven will be selected. These elite seven will then be released as an NFT series and represent the official posters for seven pivotal matches in the season.

Benjamin Benichou, thrilled about the alliance, remarked:

“The synthesis of a brand like Paris Saint-Germain with a tool as transformative as artificial intelligence leads to boundless creative avenues. This venture signifies the dawn of an innovative artistic territory – a nexus where art encounters technology. I’m profoundly grateful for this collaboration.”

PSG’s Chief Brand Officer, Fabien Allègre, voiced his contentment over the results of the fusion, stating that “art and innovation are integral to PSG”.

PSG collection exclusively available on

“Les Parisiens” announced that the exclusive NFT series will be available solely on the Platform. Each NFT will be airdropped, free of cost, to qualified NFT account holders on the designated match days.

Collectors are not only in for the digital treats but also have the chance to win tangible rewards like original artwork prints and signed team jerseys. The ultimate collectors, those who acquire all seven NFTs, get a shot at an unparalleled experience during the season’s finale at Parc de Princes.

Hand in hand on the journey of innovation

The PSG and bond dates back to September 9, 2021. Under this multi-year pact, emerged as PSG’s Official Cryptocurrency Platform Partner, a deal inked with a hefty sum, partially paid in the cryptocurrency token CRO.

The French giants aren’t novices in the Web3 arena. Their past collaborations include unique NFT collections with artist Ludo and the globally recognized Jay Chou. Not stopping at digital collectibles, PSG even dabbled in NFT tickets, providing fans with unparalleled experiences during their tours in Japan.

Art on the pitch and beyond

Paris Saint-Germain’s dedication to innovation is evident. Through the integration of AI in artistic endeavors and their foray into the rapidly growing world of NFTs, the club demonstrates its commitment to being at the forefront of both sports and technology. As PSG continues to blend tradition with modernity, it paves the way for a fresh, dynamic era in the sports industry.

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