New Moonbirds Mythics NFT collection to be revealed in 200-day marathon

New Moonbirds Mythics NFT collection to be revealed in 200-day marathon

NFT startup Proof has commenced a 200-day reveal of its latest venture, the Moonbirds Mythics. This collection of 20,000 NFTs will be gradually unveiled as Moonbirds and Oddities holders stake their claims.

Mythics – another blue-chip collection by Proof?

The Mythics collection is Proof’s newest addition to its Moonbirds project and the Ethereum profile picture (PFP) scene. Hand-drawn mythical bird illustrations set this collection apart from the pixel-based aesthetic of the original Moonbirds.

Proof’s latest venture was first announced during its successful $50 million Series A funding round in August 2022, led by venture capital powerhouse Andreessen Horowitz. The Mythics builds upon the lore of Moonbirds, a 10,000 NFT collection of owls that has already generated nearly $650 million in NFT trading volume.

Hatching the new birds

The unique minting process of the Mythics requires Moonbirds NFT holders to “nest” or stake their bird to receive a Mythic egg. Oddities holders, conversely, must burn or permanently destroy their NFTs to become eligible for a Mythic.

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Proof will randomly “activate” 50 claimed eggs and choose 50 Oddities to burn each day. This process will release up to 100 Mythics daily, making this reveal a 200-day event.

Mythics NFTs come in three categories: rare stone and legendary eggs, each comprising 20% of the collection, and runic eggs, making up the remaining 60%. The legendary egg may spawn three Mythic forms, runic egg two, and stone egg just one, with the minter having the choice.

Proof CEO Kevin Rose shared his excitement about the launch, saying:

“With Mythics, we’re really trying to give our community a new experience that links together the Proof ecosystem and expands the storytelling that started with Moonbirds.”

Own the rights over your NFT character

Mythics holders will enjoy full commercial rights to their art and usage of the characters’ IP. This development comes as welcome news after last year’s controversy when Proof transitioned to a Creative Commons CC0 model, allowing anyone to reproduce and use Moonbirds NFTs art, even non-owners, commercially.

Proof also promises holders of Mythics limited access to future releases, art installations, and digital and real-world experiences. Holders will be included in the Lunar Society, the entrepreneurial arm of Moonbirds, where they can propose and vote on projects for support. Additionally, Mythics will receive loyalty points in the upcoming “Talons” rewards program.

The Mythics reveal coincides with the grand opening of Foundry by Proof, a 4,000-square-foot gallery and community hub located in downtown Los Angeles. This real-world expansion of Proof’s digital art ecosystem underlines the company’s ambition to bridge the gap between digital and physical art spaces.

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