Prominent NFT collector “SOL Big Brain” scammed out of $1.5 million

Prominent NFT collector “SOL Big Brain” scammed out of $1.5 million

In a startling turn of events, renowned NFT collector and influencer “SOL Big Brain” fell victim to a phishing scam, losing approximately $1.5 million. The hefty loss consisted of various digital assets, including Ethereum (ETH), stablecoins, and the Gearbox token.

SOL Big Brain fell victim to a highly elaborate attack

The intricate scam unfolded when an attacker managed to compromise the Telegram account of the founder of a portfolio company. Posing as the company’s founder, the hacker approached SOL Big Brain with a message instructing him to claim his vested tokens.

SOL Big Brain, demonstrating caution, verified the identity of the message sender. Believing he was interacting with the legitimate founder, he proceeded as instructed. This decision proved costly.

The attacker had craftily designed a contract that utilized permit phishing. As a result, the contract methodically drained assets from SOL Big Brain’s digital wallet. The losses were staggering: $740,000 in stablecoins, $550,000 in ETH, and $200,000 in the GEAR token.

Ethereum drained through a “ghost” NFT

Ethereum was extracted via the Blur Pool in an even more intricate twist. The scammer phished a signature from SOL Big Brain, subsequently bidding 333 ETH on a fictitious or “ghost” NFT.

Community offers to help

Addressing the unfortunate incident, SOL Big Brain took to social media. “Today is a bad day,” he candidly shared on Twitter (X). The community was quick to support the NFT collector, asking him to post his wallet so they could donate crypto and start a GoFundMe. However, the NFT collector rejected the help from the community, stating he would come back stronger.

Being careful and patient

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities present in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency and NFTs. As digital currencies and assets gain popularity, the tactics employed by scammers become more sophisticated.

As noted by the FBI, investors and collectors are urged to be ever vigilant and double-check any instructions they receive, even from trusted sources. Victims should remain calm in these situations to avoid further losses, as advised by Sol Big Brain.

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