Prison Break Director Signs a Strategic Cooperation with Color Star Tech to Promote its Color World Metaverse

Prison Break Director Signs a Strategic Cooperation with Color Star Tech to Promote its Color World Metaverse

Color Star Technology, the company behind the Color World metaverse, has announced a strategic partnership with US movie director Bobby Roth. Roth is best known for his work on the tv series “Prison Break” and, according to Color Star, he will now function as a celebrity mentor for Color World metaverse.

Targeting Global Movie Lovers Through Influencer Reputation

The statement from the company said that Roth will play a role in the metaverse platform after the acquisition of an exclusive copyright license for its NFT tokens. Farhan Qadir, the CEO of Color Star, stated:

“We are honored to have such a talented and internationally renowned director with us again.”

Highlighting that this is not the first strategic collaboration with Roth, Farhas said that the current partnership will leverage Roth’s reputation as a movie director to reach the global movie-loving audience:

“This time our collaboration will be more diversified, not only in terms of online masterclasses, but also regarding our exclusive copyright licensing of NFT courses and more,”

The Color Star CEO said that the company is working towards partnering with more celebrities of international repute to attract more users to its metaverse. He said that the objective of the collaboration is to invite top celebrities in fields such as art, entertainment, and sports to produce high-quality content for users of the metaverse.

In his previous dealings with Color World, Bobby Roth was instrumental in creating a series of mentorship films for platform members. 

Roth’s Courses In High Demand

The release from Color World stated that platform members are embracing the courses from Roth due to his deep knowledge of the film industry, adding that his content is mostly sold out immediately after they are released.

The metaverse platform also said that the deep bond Roth has formed with members of the Color World community necessitated the need to get him involved at a deeper level.

Since the beginning of the collaboration with Roth, Color World has morphed into a metaverse platform that focuses on artificial intelligence and celebrity-focused entertainment. Color World said that Roth’s professionalism is once again in high demand within the metaverse just 2 years after his debut with the platform.

In his reaction to the new partnership with the company, the film director, best known for his work in “Lost” and “Prison Break”, said:

“I am very excited to be a Color World celebrity mentor again. I am very interested in the platform and I look forward to sharing my knowledge here with people who have a passion for filmmaking.”

Roth has been invited to continue ‘color legend’, his masterclass course exclusively made for members of the Color World metaverse.

Courses Made Into NFTs

Roth, who is the first top celebrity to grace the masterclass course series, is pioneering the drive toward the creation of NFT-based courses made by celebrities within the metaverse.

Roth’s resume shows that he has directed dozens of movies and television programs, of which Prison Break is the most widely known by the global audience. Others are Lost, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Heartbreakers, and Jack the Dog.

The metaverse project of Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: ADD) is designed in line with the vision of the company, which is an entertainment and education enterprise. 

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