POND’S Partners With Shopee To Reward Shoppers With

POND’S Partners With Shopee To Reward Shoppers With

Shopee, the Southeast Asia super mall brand, is offering a one-of-a-kind digital collectible to shoppers this season. The seasonal promotion allows shoppers to win a limited edition of an NFT designed by artist Rifqi Ardiansyah.

Event Scheduled for Indonesia and the Philippines

The promotion was made possible through a collaboration between Shopee and POND’S, a skincare brand with a global reputation.

Shopee is the leading eCommerce brand in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. A media outreach by the company said that the Pond Glow Stage campaign would commence on November 23-25 in Indonesia and on November 28 in the Philippines.

Jopa Malantic, Global Brand Director at POND’S, said that the company actively seeks innovative ways to improve shoppers’ experience:

“As such we are thrilled to partner with Shopee once again – this time to offer the #PondsGlowStage, featuring the e-commerce platform’s first ever NFT Gift with Purchase. In addition to providing the chance to win a limited edition NFT, “

He added that the event offers an interactive and engaging channel through which customers can experience the company’s decades-long, science-backed expertise in skincare

The update also said that the partnership with the global skincare brand would enhance customers’ shopping experience through several innovations such as interactive gaming, exclusive promotions, and discounts on POND’s products within the event period. While having fun and enjoying the experience, customers will also have the chance to win the limited edition NFT made for POND’S.

The partnership with the skincare company is the first promotion offering customers non-fungible tokens for buying a Shopee-supported brand product. The release from Shopee’s Jakarta office said: 

“#PondsGlowStage takes Shopee users’ online shopping experience to the next level through interactive games, exclusive promotions and discounts on much-loved POND’S products and, for the first-time ever, limited edition Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).”

The exclusive NFT is available for winning and redemption for fans who purchase POND’S skincare products within the promotional period. Some benefits of owning the NFT include access to alerts informing the owner of the latest POND’S product releases and discount deals available for any skincare product from the brand.

How To Redeem Won NFTs

According to the release, winners can redeem their NFTs by registering at OurSong, an NFT platform co-founded by John Legend, the R&B musician. At the platform, they can redeem the NFT they won using the redemption code issued to them by Shopee via the Shopee chat.

Special giveaways are also available to be won by customers by playing special games. Players will have to collect descending POND’s products before the game times out while carefully avoiding unwanted skin spots. By playing, users can earn points at the Glow Stage Catch games, enabling them to redeem giveaways from POND’S. 

Deepening Shoppers Engagement Through NFTs

Pavan Challa, Director, Regional Brand Partnerships at Shopee, said,:

“We are happy to deepen our long-standing partnership with POND’S through this new campaign, which is Shopee’s first collaboration with a brand for an NFT giveaway. Shopee continues to develop and explore new ways to engage and excite our users, and help our brand partners deepen their engagement with shoppers.”

He said that Shopee looks forward to more innovative engagements from brands and to continue expanding its collaborations with beauty brands to enhance its eCommerce department.

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