Polygon’s World Cup NFTs Sold Out in Days

Polygon’s World Cup NFTs Sold Out in Days

The new 32-digital football collection released by Polygon has officially sold out in just a few days. Those who acquired the NFTs can show their team spirit by sharing their minted NFTs on social media.

Integrating Web3 and Football

Polygon, one of the industry’s largest blockchain platforms, announced a collection of 32 digital footballs via its Twitter account on November 23. Web3 and football, according to the platform, bring the world’s nations together to create magic. With the launch, each nation could create Web3 content, and users could even mint their country’s NFT.

As a tribute to World Cup 2022, Qatar, the official channel of Polygon on Twitter, says: “While nations compete against each other on the field, countries are building web3 together. “

According to the polygon announcement, all NFTs sold out within the first few days. The dominant factor in these digital assets’ lucrativeness is the world’s popularity and ranking of the team.

Brazil’s NFT was the Most Expensive

Brazil increased its lead over Belgium in the most recent FIFA rankings, published on October 27, to take the stage as the top-ranked team at this year’s World Cup in Qatar. 

For this reason, the Brazil Polygon Football collectible ranks first as the most expensive NFT in the Polygon Digital Football collection. The collectible collection retails at 0.400 MATIC, with the last sale worth 0.420 MATIC.

Meanwhile, the Polygon Digital Football Collection can be bought and sold on OpenSea’s Polygon NFT marketplace.

How About the Rest?

Following the unpredictability of world cup matches, it is safe to say that some NFTs will gain value while some will drop in value. So far, we have seen evidence of this since the beginning of the World Cup.

A good example would be the surge in the price of a Saudi NFT following the results of the Saudi-Argentina match. According to market statistics, the floor price of this token increased by nearly 40% following Saudi Arabia’s victory. As Saudi Arabia’s NFT collection grew, the Argentina fan token appeared to plummet.

Another example was the Afrikans NFT collection, which made massive gains following Ghana and Cameroon’s performances in the Qatar World Cup.

The rise and adoption of blockchain technology in soccer continues, with the NFT fever sweeping the game, yielding many spectacular football NFT projects, particularly in light of the 2022 World Cup.

NFTs and Football

The topic of football is becoming very popular due to the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Also, prominent players are starting to enter the blockchain industry.

FIFA has partnered with a metaverse with over 3 million users to create a virtual world dedicated to the FIFA World Cup. Recently, professional football player and FIFA World Cup participant Cristiano Ronaldo launched the first-ever non-fungible token collections on the Binance platform. It indicates that more players are starting to enter the blockchain industry.

VISA has also launched the Masters of Movement NFT collection, allowing football fans worldwide to own unique digital art pieces inspired by FIFA’s most notable goals.

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