Polygon and WEF join forces to launch impactful Web3 project for 2023

Polygon and WEF join forces to launch impactful Web3 project for 2023

To expand its ecosystem and build the web3 space, Polygon has joined the global leaders of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Polygon and WEF: projects in sight 

For the development of its business, Polygon announced that it will join WEF for better visibility. As a result, the project will be present at the next WEF summit in Davos.

Going further, the company’s co-founder made some key predictions for this year. He even listed the NFT and DeFi (decentralized finance) projects that will be developed in the new year. In order to achieve this major project, Polygon plans to expand its visibility to other horizons through new collaborations and other strategic moves. This is the reason for its ambition to join the global leaders at the World Economic Forum in 2023.

Polygon and the WEF

Polygon recently announced on Twitter its intention to collaborate with the World Economic Forum to conquer a larger market. The brand explained that it would be present in Davos, a city in Switzerland known for hosting the World Economic Forum events every year.

The brand highlighted that it will join other global leaders to talk about the Web3 ecosystem and the benefits that blockchain technology brings to several industries.

Better still, Polygon has indicated its commitment to becoming a pioneer in the mass adoption of public blockchain platforms. In doing so, it will build a valuable infrastructure and make it accessible to all. It’s fair to say that this initiative is beneficial for Polygon, because it will continue to increase the adoption of blockchain around the world. Indeed, having the privilege of speaking at the WEF summit could help the network gain visibility to improve its relationships in the traditional financial markets.

In its statements, Polygon revealed the key trends to watch in the DeFi ecosystem. So far, the company has already registered 203 DeFi projects. 63 of the tagged projects out of the 203 are listed in good standing on the Polygon network. Polygon’s CEO announced that some projects, namely Lido, are worth watching closely in the coming months.

Regarding DeFi and other on-chain financial themes to watch out for on Polygon in 2023, one can state projects such as Lido, Stader, and Tenderize. The CEO hinted that there will be a huge focus on liquid staking in the Polygon ecosystem to make it more dynamic. It is believed that liquid staking will benefit users who want to earn staking rewards while being able to transfer or trade their assets without fear. 

What about the NFT sector?

The Polygon team also mentioned its willingness to engage in the NFT ecosystem as well. The CEO set out two projects: one, he said, will flourish this year and the other will serve derivatives traders. Both the NFTs and the DeFi projects will be finalized in 2023. With the opportunity that centralized exchanges offer, users will still have the desire to trade with leverage and derivatives, but in a more decentralized way.

For a better experience, the brand managers mentioned that they will propose projects like Gainsnetwork to fill this gap. Finally, they pointed out that the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) will undergo significant improvements in 2023. This will accelerate the adoption rate of the Polygon ecosystem.

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