Pokémon NFTs based on trading cards sold out; Floor prices skyrocket x10

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Pokémon NFTs based on trading cards sold out; Floor prices skyrocket x10

Pokémon-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have debuted on the Polygon blockchain. Developed by Courtyard, the digital cards were snapped up within seconds of going live, sending their floor prices soaring.

A match made in heaven

The collectible nature of the Pokémon franchise, emphasized by the catchphrase “Gotta Catch ’Em All”, makes it the perfect fit for NFT integration. While it has been speculated that the Pokémon Company might be working on an NFT series, so far, only unofficial collections have been released.

However, fans can now rejoice as the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TGC) has made its way onto the blockchain.

Pokémon Cards sold out

A total of 175 cards were claimed almost instantly in a two-phase sale, marking a monumental success for Courtyard, a service that allows anyone to tokenize and vault collectibles.

Digital asset analyst S4mmy.eth explained that the sale allowed purchases via USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin and credit cards. Sale participants bought Mystery boxes containing virtual packs of cards. These virtual packs functioned as lottery tickets, giving owners a chance to win one of the physical trading cards.

After 24 hours, buyers can open their packs, while all remaining unopened packs will automatically unlock after 48 hours.

“The launch strategy unlocks new avenues in both physical and digital collectibles trading,” S4mmy.eth said. Public excitement translated into immediate financial gains. Floor prices for the “closed” packs skyrocketed from $5 to $50 in record time.

Adding to the frenzy, luxurious 2000 Base Set booster boxes, part of this unique drop, are currently valued at over $15,000 each. These super-rare collectibles add an extra layer of allure to an already fervent market.

A win for Polygon

Polygon (MATIC) co-founder Sandeep Nailwal celebrated the immense popularity of the Pokémon NFTs in a tweet, stating: “NFT ecosystem on Polygon continues to surge ahead!”.

Despite registering impressive numbers in August, the Polygon network has been struggling lately. Several NFT and blockchain gaming projects have migrated from Polygon to other networks. Additionally, Binance recently announced it is discontinuing support for Polygon-based NFTs on its marketplace.

However, the new Pokémon initiative underlines Polygon’s influence in the digital asset landscape. The successful card sale represents a high-water mark in how traditional pop culture can seamlessly meld with digital asset trading. For Courtyard, Polygon, and Pokémon fans alike, the future seems to hold even more promising and lucrative opportunities.

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