Pokemon fanbase proposes NFTs after trading cards get stolen from production lines

Pokemon fanbase proposes NFTs after trading cards get stolen from production lines

The Pokemon community is actively discussing how The Pokemon Company could prevent similar incidents by implementing blockchain technology, specifically non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Stolen Pokemon cards make headlines

In the last week, numerous images surfaced online displaying rows of rare Pokemon trading cards from the Fusion Strike set, appearing to have been snatched directly from the printing line. When an individual tried to sell the cards to Trading Card World, the unusual number of cards raised several alarms.

After the incident, Trading Card World promptly contacted The Pokemon Company, who was purportedly aware of the missing cards and collaborated with them to recover and return the stolen merchandise.

Nevertheless, certain Pokemon trading card game fans expressed dissatisfaction with the situation, prompting discussions about implementing a blockchain-based solution to prevent similar occurrences.

NFTs would solve the problem

The contents of Pokemon trading card packs are intentionally unknown to buyers, including the manufacturer. However, new allegations now suggest that some members of The Pokemon Company have been manipulating the issuance of packs.

Numerous fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game have expressed their anger on social media regarding the alleged theft of valuable cards straight from the production line. To exacerbate the situation, there has been a persisting concern among collectors that the likelihood of obtaining the most sought-after cards, particularly from the Fusion Strike set, is incredibly low.

Pokemon NFT cards – could it just be a pipe dream?

The recent theft of rare Pokemon trading cards has sparked a debate among fans about the possibility of transitioning to digital cards. NFTs do not face the same challenges as physical cards and help reduce the risk of thefts and counterfeits.

The distribution of physical cards can also be challenging to manage and monitor, while digital cards offer a more transparent distribution process as they can be directly delivered to consumers. This eliminates the possibility of incidents like what happened with the stolen Pokemon cards.

While many fans believe the future of Pokemon cards should be digital, The Pokemon Company has yet to pronounce itself on the matter. Some speculate that the company may consider incorporating NFTs into its offerings after recently publishing a job opening requiring web3 and blockchain technology knowledge.

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