Planet IX metaverse Polygon transactions skyrocket

Planet IX metaverse Polygon transactions skyrocket

In the past few weeks, there has been a considerable increase in the number of users playing Planet IX, leading to a decrease in the speed of the Polygon network.

Mission Control slows Polygon down

Planet IX is a metaverse that offers free gameplay and the ability to earn rewards. The release of Mission Control, which enables players to manage assets and complete tasks in-game, has been a key driver of the game’s recent success. However, the popularity of Mission Control has had an adverse impact on the overall performance of the Polygon blockchain, causing it to slow down.

Initially focused on restoring a barren planet and unraveling its secrets through NFT-based gameplay, Planet IX has amassed over 550,000 devoted players and 400 million NFTs in circulation.

Mission Control was launched in November 2022 to allow players to manage their resources with ease while maintaining the intricate and immersive world of Planet IX. Players staked their PIX and assets, including territories, technology, and structures, on six tiles, with the option to expand to 36 tiles for greater control and customization.

DappRadar’s data shows that Planet IX’s NFT game assets have experienced a significant 43.65% surge in transactions, translating to $8.39 million. The virtual assets in the Planet IX universe, particularly Mission Control, are gaining increased focus and investment.

Planet IX’s popularity is soaring to unprecedented heights, with a remarkable 86.54% surge in total sales over the past month, generating $2.76 million in revenue from in-game assets. This adoption surge is a testament to the game’s appeal and excitement among players.

Mission Control brings fresh features to the table

Mission Control has introduced a fresh layer of excitement and intrigue to the game, with features such as the waste NFT system, raiding capabilities, and Bonus Loot rewards luring players to Planet IX. Players stake their assets to clean up the planet’s garbage, utilizing drones and in-game tools, refining waste through firms like Global Waste Systems and Eternalabs, and earning rewards in the process.

Planet IX’s waste NFT system and raiding capabilities have added a fun PvP element to the game. Players can compile a list of other players and the waste on their properties, then choose which player to raid. The raid’s outcome is determined by a minigame, with the defending player having six hours to prepare their defense.

Planet IX’s recent expansion has created pressure on the Polygon chain, causing it to slow down. However, proponents attribute this growth spurt to the introduction of Mission Control, which has added an extra layer of excitement and mystery to the game.

Mission Control is a significant breakthrough for Planet IX, providing players with a more comprehensive and engaging means of managing their assets and exploring the metaverse’s immersive universe. Whether you’re a veteran or a novice, Mission Control offers hours of amusement and excitement.

The increase of Planet IX showcases the potential of the play-to-earn model and NFTs in the gaming sector. As more games incorporate NFTs and blockchain technology, we are likely to see additional examples of games with comparable popularity and innovation in the future.

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