Pioneer NFT movie “Zero Contact” featuring Anthony Hopkins globalized during Cannes Film Festival

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Pioneer NFT movie “Zero Contact” featuring Anthony Hopkins globalized during Cannes Film Festival

MetaWorks Platforms, Inc, a distinguished Web3 firm that holds and runs blockchain platforms, is mending agreements to globalize the pioneer NFT as a movie, Zero Contact, to all the 17 countries where it was produced during the Cannes Film Festival.

Zero Contact goes global

The world first ever full-length piece movie launched as NFT, Zero Contact, is set to go global after MetaWorks announced it is on the verge of selling the international rights. The movie is now presented for circulation in the 17 countries where it was produced, following a deal with Opus One Pictures at the Cannes Film Festival.

Zero Contact made waves by becoming the first-ever movie in history to be presented entirely as an NFT. Lionsgate bought the US rights and stage release for $1.2 million, including a portion of future revenue.

The film comprises a talented cast spearheaded by starring Anthony Hopkins, a two-time academy award winner, and Canadian-born Alex Paunovic. 

Zero Contact’s filming happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the movie recorded a poor rating, with movie critics IMDb giving it a 4.4 out of 10 score.

According to Scott Gallagher, the President MetaWorks Platforms Inc, Zero Contact presents a necessary aspect and history of film creation because of its composition during circumstances never seen before. 

Gallagher said the company was excited to work with Opus One to spread the story globally, most notably to the 17 countries where the movie was created.

Future advancements 

Gallagher opined that Zero Contact’s story would remain on course in the coming years with the intended launch of two sequels. The future development will increase the reputation and realization of this transformative project, according to MetaWorks.

Advancements in Zero Contact film are a testament to the fact that NFTs are transforming the film industry. MetaWorks, through its blockchain platforms, continues to endow Fortune 5000 brands, build communities and evolve into Web3. MetaWorks Platforms Inc is the proud owner of, a movie circulation ecosystem, and for connecting fans with artists.

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