Web3 game ‘Phantom Galaxies’ releases on Steam and Epic Games Store

Web3 game ‘Phantom Galaxies’ releases on Steam and Epic Games Store

The Web3 gaming world is abuzz with the early access launch of Phantom Galaxies, a mecha combat game developed by Blowfish Studios. Now available on the Epic Games Store and Steam, this title offers a rich blend of story, multiplayer bounties, and PvP battles, heralding a new chapter in sci-fi RPG gaming.

Phantom Galaxies official release

Offered as a free-to-play Web3-enabled version on its official website and the Epic Games Store, Phantom Galaxies also presents a non-Web3 variant on Steam.

The game’s early access phase is slated to last about 12 months. During this time, players can delve into extensive core story gameplay and engage in both PvE and PvP combat, with more content updates on the horizon.

Set in a sprawling galactic frontier, players assume the role of Rangers, elite mecha pilots. These Rangers navigate space in four distinct mecha classes—Assault, Lancer, Buster, and Breacher. Each class boasts the unique ability to transform between humanoid and starfighter forms, adding a dynamic twist to gameplay.

Players can acquire in-game digital property using the game’s currency, ASTRAFER. This currency is earned through missions, trading, and managing player-owned territories. It represents a groundbreaking approach to in-game economics and player involvement.

Strong narrative and role-playing mechanics

The game’s narrative is rich and immersive. Players find themselves pitted against various factions like the Junkers, Brooksea, Xanorra, and the Sha’har. These battles span across the cosmos and planetary landscapes, offering a diverse range of combat environments.

Character and mecha customization is a key feature, thanks to an RPG-style advancement tree. This allows players to tailor their gear, weaponry, and mecha parts to their favorite playstyles. Ben Lee, Co-founder and Managing Director of Blowfish Studios, emphasizes the game’s quality at launch.

Published by Animoca Brands

Phantom Galaxies stands out with its Web3 functionality, courtesy of its publisher, Animoca Brands. This integration allows players genuine ownership of in-game assets. These assets, ranging from Avatars and Starfighters to properties like hangars and planets, are represented on the blockchain.

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The game offers a novel and engaging experience for fans of mecha combat games. With its diverse gameplay, blockchain integration, and rich storytelling, it sets a new standard in the genre. As Phantom Galaxies progresses through its early access phase, gamers worldwide are eagerly watching its evolution.

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