Peter Schiff is set to launch an NFT collection on Bitcoin

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Peter Schiff is set to launch an NFT collection on Bitcoin

Peter Schiff revealed his entry into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin network. Schiff is now embracing the digital art industry, which has experienced substantial growth in recent years thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and NFTs.

Peter Schiff ventures into Bitcoin’s NFT space

Peter Schiff, well-known for his hatred of Bitcoin and advocacy of gold, shocked the cryptocurrency community by announcing the establishment of an NFT collection on the Bitcoin network.

Schiff recently declared his intention to publish an NFT collection on Bitcoin, suggesting that he may have changed his mind. An influential Bitcoin detractor who has spent the last ten years trying to persuade cryptocurrency proponents that BTC has no value has suddenly expressed hope for Ordinals.

A collective NFT art collection was made public on the Bitcoin network by an economist who fervently supports gold. The revelation by Schiff that the collection would be put up for auction soon undoubtedly caught the crypto community off guard.

The economist’s remark caused a lot of astonishment and disbelief on Twitter. Some users wondered whether his account had been hacked because it seemed too impossible. 

Schiff collaborates with the market price for Bitcoin-tied NFT collection

With his NFT collection, Peter Schiff entered the blockchain and bitcoin world. However, he doubts the most popular cryptocurrency. While his collection consists of art and honors gold, he tweeted that some elements would also interest Bitcoin lovers. He highlighted that he was not a part of the Bitcoin community and was still unconvinced. When asked if he thought it was worthwhile to tie bitcoin to gold, suggesting that bitcoin alone has no value, Schiff replied in the affirmative.

Peter Schiff is set to launch an NFT collection on Bitcoin - 1

Schiff’s announcement states that the “Golden Triumph” original piece of art and a set of prints and Ordinals written on the Bitcoin blockchain are all part of the NFT collection, produced with the market price.

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