PepsiCo India: Launch of a New NFT Pepsi Black Collection

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PepsiCo India: Launch of a New NFT Pepsi Black Collection

Pepsi, the world’s largest soft drink company, has launched its first-ever collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) for its Indian customers.

Free NFTs for Pepsi Customers

The new NFT collection pays tribute to the younger generation, which values self-expression and has a strong technology base. The Pepsi Black NFT series has been designed by the PepsiCo India design team in exclusive collaboration with illustrator Timea Balo. It is based on the brand’s principles of innovation, expression, and development.

Soon, the 20 NFTs that have been produced by Pepsi on the Polygon network will be released. The collectible NFTs focus on changes to the iconic Pepsi® BlackTM “Zero” graphic, which is inspired by the brand’s passion points.

The aim is to reflect poignant concepts such as sustainability, rhythm, movement, creativity, art, a forward-thinking social media environment, and gamification. The “Pepsi Black Zero Sugar” collection will be available on OpenSea, the largest web3 marketplace for NFTs. 

The NFT drop will feature three variations of each theme and four music-inspired variations. In addition, the winners of the “#PepsiBlackeffect” contest, held on the Indian social networking site Moj, will be the ones to receive the NFTs. For a chance to win the first Pepsi® Black NFTs, consumers can enter the contest using the original Pepsi® Black lens and share photos of themselves being relaxed.

Saumya Rathor, category manager at PepsiCo India, said that Pepsi has always been at the forefront of cultural advancements, both globally and in India. The company strives to adapt its products and communication to the changing needs of the youth. This belief is further confirmed by its entry into the NFT market for Indian consumers.

The Company’s Objective

The Pepsi Black Zero Sugar NFT collection will humanize and bring to life the world of Pepsi Black by drawing inspiration from the interests of today’s youth, such as dance, fashion, video games, music, social media, and the environment.

Tanu Sinha, design director at PepsiCo India, also spoke on the subject. She said that over the years, Pepsi has closely linked popular culture and entertainment such as music, dance, art, and environment to its communication strategy. 

Thus, with the emergence of a more digitally aware and social media-savvy society, Pepsi’s design strategy has also undergone a significant shift over time. Therefore, to appeal to the younger generation and to achieve Pepsi’s goal of supporting innovation, the company has enhanced its design sensibilities.

That is why the collection will be distributed through an engaging challenge (#PepsiBlackeffect) on the Moj platform. Using social media, Pepsi can target younger audiences while simultaneously giving everyone a chance to participate.

Salman Khan Appears in a New Advertising Campaign for Pepsico India

Salman Khan, a renowned Indian movie star, appeared in the latest television commercial for Pepsico India. The ad campaign encourages young people to try the Pepsi drink, which now offers a more refreshing experience.

According to the company, a 360-degree campaign will be used to promote the new TV spot, thus harnessing the brand’s reach in the emerging Indian market.

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