PEDIGREE tackles the problem of stray dogs in the metaverse

PEDIGREE tackles the problem of stray dogs in the metaverse

The renowned Pedigree company presents its new FOSTERVERSE program, a first-of-its-kind initiative in the metaverse. The project aims to help homeless dogs and combat animal homelessness. In practice, the program virtually hosts shelter dogs in the metaverse.

What is the Pedigree Fosterverse?

Pedigree’s Fosterverse addresses real-world adoption challenges by giving anyone with a digital asset a chance for placement. In this way, the metaverse becomes a new place where dogs can be adopted.

The number of animals residing in shelters has increased dramatically in the post-pandemic period, according to data from Shelter Animals Count. As a result, approximately 47% of dogs in shelters are still waiting to be adopted.

The Fosterverse app allows users to support pets in a new way. To do this, Decentraland owners can adopt and care for real dogs on their fictional properties. They can even train rescue dogs there. 

The principle requires landowners in the metaverse to add 3D avatars of animals to their Decentraland properties. Specifically, these are real pets that can be adopted on Adopt a Pet. Then users can interact with the dogs they meet in the metaverse. Their mission will be to gain knowledge about the origins, adoption status, and new approaches to helping animals waiting for a new home.

In other words, dog lovers can actually adopt a real dog they have met in the metaverse. And for that, whether they have digital assets or not is irrelevant. Thanks to Adopt a Pet, adoption is possible in the Fosterverse. In addition, customers can contribute to the PEDIGREE Foundation to support adopted animals in need.

A new development in the use of NFTs to support dogs

This is a new area of development for Web3 and NFTs. It offers new opportunities for socially beneficial interactions with digital valuables. Through the Fosterverse, the movement transcends geographical boundaries and offers people new opportunities to contact and support pets in need.

In addition, the Pedigree brand intends to solicit donations totaling $100,000. These contributions will help fund foster programs at shelters and rescue centers across the country. Finally, participants in the program who love animals can win personalized FOSTERVERSE sportswear for use in Decentraland.

According to Jean-Paul Jansen, vice president of marketing for Mars Petcare North America, the company is excited to be at the forefront of this new virtual reality. It will support its goal of ending pet homelessness by being the first brand to offer adoptable dogs in the Metaverse.

In addition, the Pedigree Foundation and the Pedigree brand have always sponsored animal shelters and encouraged dog adoption. Therefore, this program allows people to support deserving pets in a new way through virtual placement.

The possibility of extending the project to other animals

To achieve its goal, The Fosterverse chose to collaborate with Adopt a Pet for its debut. This is an online adoption site that connects consumers with shelters and animals available for adoption. The site categorizes them by breed and region, including all US states and Canadian provinces.

On Fosterverse, you can find dogs of all breeds, from Yorkshire terriers to Akitas. Through Adopt a Pet, the program can also accommodate cats as well as a wide range of other adoptable animals. These include horses, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. There are also rabbits, small pets (like guinea pigs), farm animals (like pigs and goats), and even fish.

Pedigree Fosterverse is a division of Mars. The latter owns nine pet food brands, such as Sheba, Iams, Whiskas, and a veterinary network of health care providers. The company notes that since the pandemic, only 53% of shelter dogs have been adopted. Therefore, if the Fosterverse expands, it is likely to include cats and several other animals in its program.

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