PBA launches an NFT-based bowling achievement awards

PBA launches an NFT-based bowling achievement awards

The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) has launched league-based bowler certification awards based on NFTs for memorable bowling feats.

Bowlero and the PBA have introduced NFT rewards for Bowling milestones.

The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and the parent company Bowlero announced the launch of a League Bowler Certification (LBC) awards. These awards will be airdropped for free to the roughly 300,000 members of Bowlero Center Leagues.

According to Lev Ekster, Chief Strategy Officer at Bowlero, the League Bowler Certification (LBC) project, created by the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and Bowlero, can be compared to “a loyalty program on steroids.” 

The initiative will initially include NFT rewards for milestones like a league player bowling their first 200-score game, a perfect 300 game, a run of 700 or 800 total points, or recording a game with 50 or 100 points above the player’s average.

Layer 3 Labs worked with Bowlero and the PBA to start the project. Jonathan Teplitsky, the CEO of Layer 3, said that the organization specialized in converting Web2 brands to Web3.  

The PBA will manage the digital awards for bowlers through a dedicated Avalanche subnet to protect itself from any network congestion or problems. Teplitsky wanted to select a network partner that “doesn’t have reputational risks” while discussing the implementation, which Layer 3 worked on alongside the Avalanche founders and main contributors at Ava Labs.

Bowlers must have already signed up for the PBA’s LeaguePals program to be eligible for the digital awards, though they won’t have to deal with cryptocurrency to get NFTs. 

PBA aims to extend the NFT rewards program to Bowling leagues worldwide

The longer-term goal is to expand the program’s availability beyond Bowlero leagues to include leagues at every bowling alley in America and worldwide. Ekster stated that as it is a new effort, they will keep it inside Bowlero leagues for the time being to polish the implementation and ensure everything goes as planned.

Teplitsky believes the PBA’s digital rewards program can attract millions of bowlers to Web3 if it operates as designed and spreads widely. He finds that to be a more intriguing concept than advocating for another NFT project aimed at high-value traders.

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